Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Elenin: Brown Dwarf Planet

Elenin was first mentioned in the Movie Deep Impact back in the late 90's. We can see by Nasa's lousy cut & paste jobs on skynet/google sky, they've been censoring info on this ELE event. Elenin is addressed sometimes as Ele or Elle as it was in Deep Impact; However it's no coincidence that ELE is the working abbreviation for "extinction level event".

Let me start by saying that my intention is not to scare anyone but to inform and educate whoever maybe interested in what is REALLY going on. This is backed by scientific and prophesied events.

Edgar Cayce spoke of Wormwood, Nostradamus expressed this:
Quatrain II.46
After great misery for mankind an even greater one approaches, when the great cycle of the centuries is renewed. It will rain blood, milk, famine, war and disease. In the sky will be seen a fire, dragging a tail of sparks.

Mayans spoke of Niribu and it's commonly known as Planet X.

Nasa refers to Elenin as a Comet yet it cannot be seen and what can be seen is as a dark sphere and only visible when light reflects off things around it so it can be illuminated. This then is what is scientifically known as a brown dwarf planet /star. When it has been viewed, it is gigantic much larger than Jupiter.

This is the scenario. As Ele continues it's orbit from the backside of the sun, to eventually move between us and the sun by Sept. 26/27, 2011 which is when it will be at it's closest proximity, it will have a DIRECT EFFECT on Planet Earth=US.(Within days of it showing up on our ecliptic in May, Earth responded with the Japan EQ.) Rumors have it hitting us...not true, however scientists surmise one of two probabilities:

1.) With the weakened state of our magnetosphere, it may pull us into it's gravitational pull and attempt to make us one of it's moons...not good.

2.) Imagine Earth as a top with our axis tilted, Ele moves past and pulls us over and we flip on our axis and then (at some point) we flip back....not very good either.

The reason you are unaware this is happening, is because there is a complex campaign going on to keep this from the public. Why? Because society would most likely meltdown. Totally understandable but that is why with the joining of forces, committed global citizens are not only uncovering the truth but trying to let others know so they may prepare in what ever way each feels inclined. Unlike the Bible scenario of Armageddon and the Rapture, it makes perfect sense that this is what was being reflected...this event. Hopi's said to look for the "Blue and Red Kachina's" in Leo from Sirius. It has been said that Jesus was a Starseed from Sirius and there is the reference of the "second coming of Christ". Christ comes from the latin word "cristos" which is light. Jesus was of the light expressing "christ light/energy". He wasn't: Jesus first name, Christ last name. So then if we have "Christ" from Sirius and the Blue Kachina (which means spirit; sacred dancer) it appears metaphorically that the second coming of Christ is when this Blue Kachina appears and illuminates humanity on all levels.

This is an exciting time to be alive and a part of humanity's vibrational "upgrade". Dormant DNA has been activated and we are entering the Golden Age of Enlightenment. A fifth density vibrational frequency is where we are shifting and this is it. Be brave and DO NOT allow fear of the unknown to creep into your psyche! Try to be in love and peace. Try to reach out with those whom you've shared conflict. Amidst it all, we can be leaders, lovers, heroes and healers. Sing songs, help others to process shock, assist all you can. Events will accelerate as we lead up and disclosure will eventually take place. Until it is common knowledge, live a purposeful life, in the moment and sharing of yourself from a soul level.

Below is a link where there are some of the best links to info in reference to this event.

I encourage you to research it yourself  BUT use DISCERNMENT!
You Tube it or Google it...the truth is out there and it's coming fast!

We are the Architects of a New Reality!

Monday, June 13, 2011


When we come upon a conflict, as a rule, most people are unable to process in "real time". We tend to project the past unresolved conflicts in our experience "file", upon this present disagreement and "hear" the past instead of the here and now. We get into our anger chair and escalate into a climax of self-fullfilled abandonment. Through this process, we get to re-live every slight ever had until we shut out everyone, perpetuating ourselves as victims. However, conflict when approached as debate, can allow for both parties to express their opinions and in the end, that resolution can lead to clarity. These are the building blocks of intimacy. The kind that allows friends, lovers and family to build richer relationships because they exist within the real time and not that of our past. It is important to note that it is essential for all parties to be able to express and be heard before resolution can move forward. We can agree to disagree.

We are the Architects of a New Reality!

Friday, June 10, 2011

All you need, is Fear, itself!

If ever there were a metaphorical translation of "The Devil", I'd have to say FEAR is it! Fear is the biggest evil known to man. Society has condoned and perpetrated the biggest human atrocities under the veil of fear.
If you think about every ugly act of dysfunction: fear of death, fear of life, fear of love, fear of change, fear of  differences: different spiritual beliefs, sexual preferences; judgements we make based on how something looks...It all boils down to fear.  O.K., so what exactly are we so afraid of, that we would allow others to be slighted, ridiculed, cursed and killed? The answer is ourselves. Each one of us was infected with this virus in early childhood either as a learned mentality or an experienced one, either way, it is these early fearful messages that imprint upon our forming perspective, what our limitations in life will be. They may be physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual but they will show up as some form of fear. Unless we take the effort to figure out what our personal limitation is and change the program we will remain endlessly stuck in desperately wanting things we won't get because we are so afraid we won't get them that we become paralyzed when the opportunity comes...blowing it over and over again. Here's the kicker...we are energy, electro-magnetic energy, housed within a physical shell.  We magnetize and polarize. We can magnetize what we want and draw "it" to us but we can and more often do, polarize and we push away from "it". If you want to lose weight, stop thinking about it with the intensity that polarizes. Time to turn that tape off! Instead, think about how great you'll feel when you look in the mirror and see the YOU of your own crafting. If gays scare you, time to ask yourself  "what about my own sexuality do I fear?" If you look at all the world religions, there is the same theme in each one so we need to get real. All the Creator's children wish to believe themselves to be the favorite. The Creator asks us to be "like god in human form". Our Mother/Father expects us to love and accept each other; to have patience with each other, accept one another as brothers and sisters...but "God" does not ask us to fear...the "devil" does.

We are the Architects of a New Reality!

Monday, June 6, 2011


No matter how you frame it: "kharma, reap what you sow, cause=effect"...Self-Responsibilty is the cornerstone in a "free will" system. Without self-responsibilty, we collapse into the lie the ego tells us..."we" are special and too busy with very important things to bother being in awareness with how are actions effect the world around us. Corruption both in the banking system and politics is being rooted out and put upon the public stage for this sacred illustration in the mechanations of not just denial but full blown sciopathic behavior. Be it Bernie Madoff,  the Casey Anthony tot-mom case, John Edwards affair, Arnold's "love child", Weiner, the Gulf oil spill, the poorly constructed nuclear plants and their meltdowns or the endlessly non-sensical, reality bending gymnastics of Sarah Palin. We are in the throes of a huge leap in our collective consciousness and we are being directed to the higher vibration of accountabilty and onto a more purposeful path!
This is Instant Kharma!

Guilt vs. Remorse

   I wanted to point out the clear distinction between guilt and remorse, as there is a BIG difference between the two. Guilt is something again, connected to the ego, that we feel when we don't really feel THAT bad about whatever it is that we did to bring on guilt's wrath!...and guilt is relentless! It eats away and eats what? Our ego. Is that person going to be mad? Will I get in trouble? Truth is, we wanted to do "it", are glad we did "it" and will probably do "it" again when needed. Fair enough but what if these things hurt another? I'm assuming that if it were yourself that you are hurting, you'd realize it and stop! But what if that pesky ego, was stopping you? Sometimes it's our ego who is running the show and not our spirit. When the ego gets in the way of accepting the responsibilty for things done that hurt, it talks us into the "labrynth of guilt". This being, a well constructed looping pattern that keeps the ego in charge and prevents real growth from taking place. Growth can only occur when we can remorsefully accept the responsibilty for our own choices, by truly feeling their weight and effect. This is when the "immature" ego grows...expanding into a mature soul. A mature soul is one who is unable to vibrate at a "lower frequency", one that is under ego's dominion. Instead we know the impact and we use our free will with the restraint of the mature soul and not the selfish, immature ego, to make choices that do not need to involve guilt but are those of self-responsibilty:)

We are the Architects of a New Reality!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Deconstructing the Ego

People quite often misunderstand the true purpose of our ego-self. The ego-self is the "protector" of the castle. Ego can talk, charm, command, control...whatever it needs to do to protect our subconscious from pain. Be it emotional or mental, the ego is the last man down; the ego is a survivalist; the ego is best friends with denial and they 'hole-up" in our head's and play a game of poker. It doesn't matter if our higher-self desperately wants to breakthrough, the ego is in charge and he ain't going anywhere!
Deconstructing the ego is a vital componant to "overiding the program" and an essential aspect toward achieving a higher vibration. By "higher vibration" I mean, operating at a more aware, responsible and compassionate mode of conduct. Now, remember, we are literally "re-training" our minds...the original "software" is waayyyy out dated and so we must "uninstall" the old programs and upload the compatible software that allows us to be co-creators in our own reality and the collective reality!
We are the Architects of a New Reality! xo

Core Purpose

Yellow Overtone Warrior
White Northern Castle of Crossing
Earth family- Cardinal Clan- Sky
Galactic Activation Portal
I empower in order to question
Commanding fearlessness
I seal the output of intelligence
With the overtone tone of radiance
I am guided by the power of flowering
I am a galactic activation portal enter me

From the "Mayan Horoscope" link below
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