Friday, May 20, 2016

Beta Male/Alpha Female Agenda vs. Evolution

So this video was sent to me by a fellow seeker, who asked what I thought of it.
I immediately understood why, as the subject matter is shining light on a dualistic inversion that we as a society, find ourselves immersed in. Congrats to anyone who can recognize this multi-tiered agenda.

At surface value, as my husband Keith, who is a naturally evolving Beta Male reacted to; was the projection that the narrator is an alpha male who is afraid of the beta. Wrong.

Now let's look at duality, which is the system our battery that runs the avatar (body), operates under. Two polarities: Positive/Male/Alpha, along with: Negative/Female/Beta. When both sides are engaged, the battery operates, fully balanced in polarities.

In 1993, Monsanto who bought out the FDA, began the next level of mind control: GMO's. After having installed all the other mind control techniques via advertising, education, fluoride, Disney cartoons, commercials, and the entertainment industry; they began the take over of Rap and that whole programming psych op it presented, along with eroding our DNA through the food stream, which creates an imbalance in our hormones as well, making men passive and women alphas.
Compliance and Control! Anyone born after 1993, has been genetically mutated to follow this neutral gender path, inorganically.

Gaia is Rising Now, the suppression of the female is being over written by the goddess Earth herself.
Our Sun is providing us with a natural and organic process of the balancing of these yin/yang energies, however, that organic process was hijacked, in an effort to now control exactly how the feminine rises; is she empowered or is she mind controlled to believe she is empowered, through programming that creates hyper-sexuality, thus making her the whore, while professing she is empowered. She is being controlled to stay at the lower frequency, while the men are being suppressed in the alpha to control them as well.

So, it is a paradox; while it is a natural process of the evolution of our DNA, to be balanced and integrated, in our male/female energies, so that we may function at full capacity, there is also an agenda, that is being engineered, that feeds a very dark cabal of pedophiles, who are intent in keeping humanity enslaved in the lower densities, where it can control us.
They target us through their mapping system: your SS# is your bar code, along with targeting us by our blood types, to keep track of who the alphas are in this natural evolutionary process, so that they can either buy us off to use as a tool or to keep us down and isolated from the others so as not to "influence" them...we are what is known as disruptors. Not the same as being polarized, so keep an open mind, stay flexible and fluid; learn discernment by going beyond your fear. 
To evolve means that you are in constant change or else you are stagnant energy.

shaman Wendi~

                                             "We are the Architects of a New Reality!"