Monday, July 18, 2011

Starseeds:The Human History of our Inter-cultural Species

 Many are now becoming aware of "Starseeds" and in the near future this will be common knowlege.

The Rh neg or O neg blood type is an indicator of this Inter-Cultural Project which "seeded" Earth/Garden of Eden with the D.N.A. of several different star families: Pleadians, Syrians, Lyrans, Ursa Major/Minors, Andromedans and Triangulums. This effort was an attempt to overide the duality polarization that creates conflict; to create from the mixing of all star races, a new vibration of triality in which we are offered a neutral position of acceptance.
Below are traits of O negs.

1. predominance of green or hazel eyes that change color like a chameleon, but also blue eyes

2. true red or reddish hair

3. low pulse rate/low body temp

4. low blood pressure

5. keen sight, hearing and smell

6. ESP

7. extra rib or vertabrae

8. UFO connections

9. love of space and science

10. a sense of not belonging to the human race

11. piercing eyes

12. paranormal occurrences

13. psychic dreams

14. truth seekers

15. desire for higher wisdom

16. empathetic illnesses

17. deep compassion for fate of mankind

18. a sense of a 'mission' in life

19. psychic abilities

20. unexplained scars on body

21. capability to disrupt electrical appliances, street lights and watches.

22. alien contacts

23. Sensitivity to ELF/EMP's and Higher Negative-ion shielding (from positive "charged" virus/bacteria)around the body.

(Science at this very time is attempting to make the recipe for rh negative 'O' blood, but without success. The protein in positive blood can be cloned, but not so of the negative blood - which is quite interesting. If the rh negative factor does not derive from any known earthly link - from where did it originate?)
Truth is that we as a race must reconcile these judgments in order to be free from enslavement because we ourselves are impure...that wasn't meant to be a judgement in the bible it was a clue from the prophet Jesus who was from Sirius. We are Starseeds: genetically modified and planted here to grow/evolve to this point when we remember and wake up in time to work together to overthrow the enslavement.

   The one thing that is for sure in the quest for truth, you must be able to let go of the romanticism that keeps us bound to our abusers. Our abusers are those who desire to keep humanity enslaved. I've hit many walls of depression during my search for truth, as many beliefs are cracked open to reveal their true nature...manipulation and lies.
Towards the end of my 7 year tenure with the Arcturians, they shared something that at the time, I found very scary and strange but now I've come to understand much better...They said that we need to rectify our rejection of Lucifer. It keeps us polarized.
Many "good" christians are worse than any pagan I know. For this is much of what is at odds. The ancient knowlege was for all, equally. As we know from "Lord of the Rings" even those who walk in the light can be tempted and swayed by their own ego. Ego is much of the energy tied to Lucifer. Lucifer knew that knowledge was being kept from the people and wanted to free them.
I can only relate it in this way:
I have information about my family that is being kept from other people in my family that would change some things about their lives...Important stuff. The part of the family that doesn't want it revealed have disowned me and painted me as a messed up evil person to the other part of the family because if I reveal it, they will be forced to take responsibility for their actions...their Ego keeps them selfishly in denial. So if I am "Lucifer", am I the one keeping them in Their integrity with freedom is up to them for they will suffer the consequences of those choices due to kharma.
In other words, we must learn to stop shooting the messenger!

 Lyran Starseeds are the leading force now during this vibrational upgrade. You are here to aid in grounding this higher vibration on Earth. We do it by example through art, music, creativity of any kind, sensitivity, communication, truth, kharmic justice and stability. As "indigos" we do it as warriors who have paved (destruction of the prison) the way for the "crystals" to bring in the love and light of a higher wave, seeding for the rainbows to integrate all the original participating Star Races:)

Alienation is a big prob for Starseeds but so very important to know we are not alone. Through sharing we can stabilize ourselves. The Arctureans are a 16th dimensional race who already went through this vibrational upgrade so they're here to aid humanity through their upgrade. By helping to activate the Starseeds, we are then able to help awaken the others. Most importantly, to understand we are together in this and it is an important task to walk with. That purpose and direction can help to direct our deep empathy like a chain reaction. This is the hundredth monkey effect in action. It's not easy my friend...that I know but it is well worth the adversity when you understand how vital our actions are in manifesting the evolution of the human species.

The Hopi, Aboriginals, Hinduism...many share peices of the ancient history of the origin of the people of Earth. Each will gravitate to the expression that their soul's lineage corresponds to.
 During the evolution of our DNA, we have all been part of every category of species...on land, air and sea. Have you ever looked at someone and thought they looked like a turtle or wolf or bear or fish or bird??? You're "seeing" the residual DNA. Example: I am VERY catlike and have always had lots of cats around me. I have high cheekbones and almond eyes but I also have a Chinese great grandmother. I detest fish...never, never, never do I, will I or would want to eat ANYTHING from the ocean. Makes me gag to even smell it!
I have vivid memories of being a mermaid and have been told that twice before in readings, which explains to me why I don't like fish...they're my brothers and 
Many things I was shown decades ago, are only just now "clicking" but it really comes from being able to experience and process...not reject out of fear of the unknown. 

Here's another analogy for you:
One mother raises her children sequestered from the "evil's" of the world while another exposes hers to the evil's. Chances are, the one not exposed is the one to be seduced where as the one who has been exposed has experienced the consequences of those choices.

I don't believe our Creator is about condemnation, it's we that judge, out of the induced fear we are infused with upon activation here.
These are important debates!
 A weak soul is a weak one, not anyone, can make you do anything you don't consent to...sometimes we are not conscious of the vibration we are magnetizing. Men and women do evil things by ego choice/weakened soul. That is why the sheep can be blindfolded into sleep. The older souls have done this enough to remember; the younger souls are still in "school" and will not be graduating with us this time round.
...I'm not into Lucifer one way or another as my connection is to a level above where this planet begins so I'm not as magnetized anymore with regard to what the Theologists pimp out as truth...there is an inversion here...there is a MULI-LAYERED battle for the consciousness of the inhabitants on this is not so cut and dry. Lucifer is the Morning Star...right...who wakes us from our sleep...much of the bible is metaphorical not literal...much has been distorted by man for the control of mankind.
Starseeds Unite!
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