Saturday, July 25, 2015

Climbing out of the Rabbit Hole; Following the Christos; Alchemical Bride: birthing the twins.

“The civilizations of Pangea, Lemuria and Atlantis were the great
continents of civilizations. Pangea, Lemuria and Atlantis; all three
were a part of the original landmass. They were interactive with each
  other. The oldest civilization that became highly advanced and technical
was Pangea. Its boundaries were the southern hemisphere of the globe.
 Lemuria was basically the Pacific Ocean areas, extending far into the northern
hemisphere beyond Japan and China. When Pangea sank, her technologies
 and much of her information was taken to Lemuria. The next great civilization
was that of Lemuria, approximately 18 million years ago. The civilization
 of Lemuria lasted up until approximately 50,000 years ago, when darkness
overtook it, and it sank.” (

At the inception of the human race upon this planet, it was hoped that the united allies could secure Earth for colonization as its resources were quite desirable.  
However, a non-humanoid race, was already in occupation of the planet and were raping her for her resources which they were exporting. The allies hoped that the colonization project would mitigate this.
What then followed was the taking hostage of the HU-Man race by the Dracos, a reptilian race residing in the star system next to Lyra and Cygnus; and a war in the galaxy that continues today.

Our original 12 strand D.N.A. blueprint was mutated; reduced to a mere 2 double helix stands, virtually disabling us, and taking us hostage.
Next, a virtual reality, holographic program was erected around the planet and anchored at her meridian points to implement a prison “Matrix” that would, for the most part, be run by an Artificial Intelligence program.

Because “time” is non-existent and simultaneous, as well as this being a multi-dimensional Universe; many of us have been imprisoned here from the first mission, which is why we “remember".
Others are part of the hybrid program on this planet as most humanoids are hybrids.

Most of the pure source meme consciousness was infused from Triangulum. In Lyra, humanity as it originated; began. It was heavily influenced by the races in Cygnus and the planet Vega in Lyra. Sirius infused what we know as the canine DNA. Cygnus infused the avians; Cetaceans also originated in Cygnus, but followed the Krishna on assignment to Sirius where they would stay in aid to his supreme being as he over saw the colonization on what we know as Earth. JeZeus Krishna…Zeus the light…from Jupiter, the planet of Abundance. Whereas Saturn/Cronus was the planet of kharma, restriction, Sabbath, Titans, Jews.
Cronus overthrew his father Ouranos/Uranus and was obsessed with killing his sons/children to maintain rulership. Zeus was spared this fate by being hidden by his mother in Crete. Zeus overthrew his father, after which Cronos left for Rome where he started the first Golden Age.
There is an androgyny to the original humans that has been distorted here as well. Venus/Lucifer is an androgynous yin/yang interface. Who “marries” Vulcan and works with Satan. Sanat Kumara, another incarnation of Satan/Cronus eventually exiled on Venus. Aided by the Pleadians, they helped with the seeding of Atlantis. V is for Vulcan, and also associated with the “goat”.

 This is the alchemical marriage of yin/yang; from duality, to the emergence of the triality or trinity which presents a neutral position of balanced polarity.
 “Remember how the cross is actually not Holy or of Christ. This cross is actually Satanic of Saturn. This is also why Jesus Christ (888) was killed upon the cross. Symbolism of Satan winning over Christ and God. Utter blasphemous and hypocrisy by the Church of Rome and its false claim of being Christian whilst in fact it is the Dragon itself. Also the same of the phony organized pagan Protestant churches displaying these satanic, pagan symbols of the Palmyrium Schools of Babylon.”  (

How Deep is your Love?
"In the Greek mysteries, the number 888 represented the "Higher Mind." The Greek variation of "Jesus," "Iesous," equals 888. The number 666 represented the "Mortal Mind." In the New Testament, 666 is called the number of "the Beast." (It is also the number of our alchemical composition: 6 protons, 6 neutrons, 6 electrons).

“Pan was a composite creature, the upper part–with the exception of his horns–being human, and the lower part in the form of a goat. (…)The pipes of Pan signify the natural harmony of the spheres, and the god himself is a symbol of Saturn because this planet is enthroned in Capricorn, whose emblem is a goat” -Manly P. Hall, Secret Teachings of All Ages

“You’ll also note that the phallic masculine Saturn cross enters into the ‘U’ of the ‘H’ whilst we see a phallic arrow thing about to do the same in the lower ‘U’. Remember the ‘U’ is symbolism for the feminine, so once again we have a Generative Principle of sexual union! Remember on how the cross is also a lower down symbol amongst the profane of Osiris. Osiris is represented as the golden phallic given him by Isis. So we have the golden phallic of Osiris entering the feminine opening. Please take note that the ‘G’ is of Saturn worship as well as sex.”

“The Rosicrucian scholars called the spiritual sun Vulcan, the sun of the soul Christ and the intellectual sun Lucifer and the material sun Jehovah. Without the spiritual (Vulcan) the intellectual (Lucifer) is not illuminated, and is in fact a false light. When the intellect (Lucifer) is transmuted into the soul (Christ) it equates the alchemical process of transmuting base metals into gold. Paracelsus wrote:

“There is an earthly sun, which is the cause of all heat, and all who are able to see may see the sun; and those who are blind and cannot see him may feel his heat. There is an Eternal Sun, which is the source of all wisdom, and those whose spiritual senses have awakened to life will see that sun and be conscious of His existence; but those who have not attained spiritual consciousness may yet feel His power by an inner faculty which is called Intuition.” (

“The Village”of the Damned
Those who have been born inside the prison have been given “mythos” with which to be indoctrinated; programming them in a palpable manner for management and harvesting energy.

So if like a battery, this matrix remains polarized in duality, it will be unable to evolve.

The mission: colonize this planet; the outcome: mind controlled, genetic manipulation, manipulation of the emotional body through terror and fear induced drama that is harvested as a life force elixir.
This is what has been perpetrated on the human race.

This is the theater; this is the play; this is an experiment. Outside of duality, humans are bi-sexual, and exist in a multi-dimensional reality…simultaneously!

You have been neutered down to: deaf, dumb, and blind, while completely programmed to reject any hint of reasoned cognitive dissonance…good sheep, keeping each other in line just like you were trained to.
Everyone claims the 144,000 "chosen ones"; the Christians believe it applies to their rapture. The Jews believe it to be tied to the original bloodlines; the Hopi say it's the Rainbow Children; I've heard it's 144,000 Indigos, as well as D.N.A. strands connected to a correlating dimension.
Override the program; identify and clear out the virus; activate your dormant D.N.A. strands to elevate/ascend the 3 dimensional prison.

“You know when you get that close to something so big…you can’t see anything at all”

                                            Toad the Wet Sprocket from “Butterflies”
                                  We Are the Architects of a New Reality!
shaman Wendi

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lemuria or Atlantis?



 I can remember it like it was yesterday…we tried so hard to warn the children of Atlantis; they would have none of it! Called the elders obsolete, as they embraced technology.

They could alter their body; they had advanced weapons; they also played with weather modification toys and messed with dimensional portals, much as we see today.

It was a feverish fight in the end. As we became more adamant, they became more aggressive as THEY WOULD HAVE THEIR WAY! They were our children but they were self-indulgent when it came to their creations; they wanted to live forever…but all they did was destroy it all.

I see this playing out again.

In the early years of this incarnation, I had many memories still intact. I could remember what it felt like to fly, and to breathe underwater; nothing more amazing than your lungs filling up with water as I inhaled and exhaled the life force of water. I remember moving my body in the water with the fluid ripple of my mer- tail.

I cried with deep reunion upon my first encounter with a dolphin in this reality…I ached to be swimming with them.

 I remembered constantly, that there was a mission here. I would contemplate it day in and day out: Concerned about nature, concerned about resources, concerned about racism; concerned about war & hate. This place was an experiment; we were in a test tube; this was the real hell. I was 4.
Around this time I began having inter-dimensional experiences while I was being sexually, ritually abused by babysitters (a married couple). 
A vampire from the Lucifer Rebellion group, took a liking to me and invited me to play with his “son” in his “room”, which I did whenever the sexual abuse took place (this was his way of protecting me).  His group was fighting the Saturnian's chokehold on this dimension and took me under their “wings”. They have always been there to protect me, much as the most high Gabriel has, as well as my spirit guide Zeus and my master guide Cynthia, who is still with me today as my psychic surgeon. We each have 7 guides: Arch Angel, Spirit guide, Master guide,; also an Angel guide: Michael, teacher: Ruisa, protector: Randall, and healer: Joseph...are mine.

My guides, they’ve always raised me up. In some of my darkest moments, it was they who sent me help in the form of crystals, or gasoline in my car. They’ve rescued one of my kittens and one of my rabbits.
 I have "experienced" these things, so I do not fear diversity or a negative polarity.

Food was never comfortable here for me, and the sleep patterns confused me but nothing confused me more than sitting in a church. Screaming from my head would come: God doesn’t need you to come inside, he is outside in nature; he cares not about money because he does not need money.  My cousins all made their first communion as my mother and father had once done….but not me. I was not going to let that happen…I was 5 years old.
Time spent growing up in Hawaii, Los Angeles and Washington State brought me many of my soul’s puzzle pieces.
I loved everyone and was known for being a little adult. I had no kids to play with, so it was either adults I spent time with or I played alone with my inter-dimensional friends.
The feeling within me, about the fate of this planet, has been a non-stop PTSD since I got here.

My entire life dedicated to waking people up as I was encoded to do.
I remember when both Kennedy’s and Dr. King were killed; I remember Kent State; I was so young but I knew I wanted to get out there and protest. I remember the Manson killings and being warned of things to come. I remember fighting against the Regan/Bush drug cartel…so close to the nuke then, it was breathing down our necks….but they gave the people credit cards, and everyone “went to town”.

Society took the bribe and the game was on; the choice made.
The Lemurian indigos were making a breakthrough in the collective consciousness going into the 90’s. We found a voice in Cobain, and once again, our message was silenced. All the momentum thwarted and back to sleep everyone went. Not me, it was like swimming up a raging river. 

Tumbling towards refinement I went…”You cannot be told what the matrix is, you MUST experience it for yourselves; there can be no other way”.

The Lemurians were the original prototype; the Atlantians were the result of the hijacked DNA…more reptilian influenced; Orion, Sirian, and Pleidean  influenced vs. the Andromedan, Cygnus, and Lyran influences of the first race.

I remember Dr. Guy McPherson from Lemuria and several others, who were also advocates for the Planet.
We all have these soul memories, buried like cellular memory; to remind us “who we are” and our soul’s purpose….what is the mission here; who are you in this never ending virtual reality?

There is no right or wrong, merely choices that lead us down certain trajectories.

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself”…indeed; but there is a need to make empowered choices as we are the architects of a new reality. To exist in 5d, you cannot be polarized in the light; you are to be balanced and integrated, so if you still have work to do, by all means, identify your fears and work them out! We need the strongest anchors at this time. When you are centered in truth, you cannot be aggravated by what others think or say about you or about anything, perhaps a bit hurt or frustrated  but only as a passing emotion. This place is only personal if you make it personal, otherwise, it’s just a machine in motion; emotion is the quotient.
We are coming up to the next stage; things will accelerate from here.  Pick your battles; stand up for what is righteous! These are our past lessons; we cannot be complicit in our own demise; we came here to evolve and that is what we shall do! Be brave, it is only the game; we are multi-dimensional beings; our essence will never be extinguished; transmutation will always unfold.


shaman Wendi

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pushing the Boundaries in the Endgame

Guest Contributor:
Galactic Gridworker/Templar and Paranormal Researcher
Blogtalk's Galactic Earth Fusion host:
                  Missy Hill

Recent events on planet earth have shown themselves to once again be the macrocosm of the microcosm as we have been looking at our relationships to people, places and things in the timelines both individually and collectively. As we strive for energetic mastery and polarity integration of positive/negative, masculine/ feminine, electric/magnetic force within the self we may push up against boundary layers of others for both parties spiritual growth or in turn have our own tail feathers ruffled to see our own personal boundary layer.
We are the center of our own U~niverse like it or not. We have written our script for our movie willingly or unwillingly by default.  We have been an active participant or a spectator and victim. We have actors come into our U~niverse to play the game we have set up. However, if the actor does not comply and decides to do an improvisational scene in our movie and displays behavior that we consider inappropriate it may bring up anger and resentment issues. They may be well intentioned and did no actual harm except to our own ego limitation. However, we get caught up in the self righteousness of the event that was done to us we feel. It is justified to us because we say to ourselves it is MY MOVIE~MINE!!! the wounded child inside screams.

Remember we set this up and drew this experience to our selves magnetically. This actor was just wanting to have fun, share love and joy and not be limited. Maybe they just found the boundary layer from one universe to the next or one song next. OUCH~ just bumped into a frequency fence and an electrostatic charge  shocked them back into their own space because if it is out of the comfort zone for one being it is for the other as well yuck!!! I know I personally do not want to have any limited beliefs or programs that limit me. I am done in that field.  I do not want limitation in my playground. I AM a Limitless BE~ing. I know for a fact whenever you say I AM before declaring something it gives it power so choose your words wisely.

NOW if we set up our own universe and all circumstances within it for spiritual growth this can be a transformative awareness as usually most of the time boundaries are communicated more energetically than physically. Sometimes when beings bump up against each of these boundary layers, and yes there are many within the self and others, then verbal communication skills are extremely helpful. If everyone on this planet could read energy signatures and were energetic masters of their domain and energy field, there would be peace on earth.

 Unfortunately the default setting within humans is the false friend negative form, “ King of the Hill,” ARC~type aka archontic deceptive type. Believe it or not this is a children’s game where one kid stands on the hill and the other kids try to take him even with violence. I knew this awful game existed but had to hear the word on a radio show to be reminded of its brutality. We were programmed as a baby with songs like Rock~ a~ Bye Baby, or have been taught to sing London Bridges Falling Down.  As children we were taught to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy.
All these deceptive lies serving a false program like pledging allegiance to a flag a symbol of war, and dancing around a Maypole which is the giant penis. Children made to be in religious orders have suffered even more greatly. The more structure and limitation imposed on us the more implants will have to be removed that block our abundance in every area of our lives. However, this can be undone in an instant if one understands the role of boundaries. We have willingly given our power away like it was stolen from us and our energy siphoned.  If we do not heal these inner child wounds this can be running in the background as a default setting even if we practice the Law of One Principles and DO NO HARM…….
The program for someone to want to be in control of the relationship may manifest. It does not matter which person treaded on the boundary layers as all is a mirror of our own creation when we take responsibility for our creations. If we do not like the mirror we will stop looking, maybe break it shattering it into a million pieces/soul shards, find another mirror and the same or similar situation/drama may show up as we need to heal the issue in ourselves. In the world drama it may manifest as victim victimizer games. It is elses fault we cry as we play the blame game! 

 The matrix mind control system aka government is taking personal  freedoms and liberties away, states rights are being removed and there is more federal control, forced vaccinations for school children in three states now, distorted so called health care disease care systems, spraying of chemtrails, religions that want to say you will burn in hell if you do not follow their list of rules and regulations and the list goes on. These forces are the False King of Tyranny and in micro land of our lives that manifest as the false friend. Is this our fault? Well yes, indirectly; it is our creation because we are our ancestors, at least in the fleshly body skin suit we inhabit, which has its own intelligence.

Also not all past life memories are from the soul record; the more clearing I do personally, I am finding my memories are ancestral and coming directly from the logos or planets brain. That is sometimes why what we are looking at seems to be complex. My hope is to bring simplicity to this complexity of multiple consciousness fields.  Fortunately or unfortunately we have to take responsibility for the creations of our ancestors in this ascension cycle, along with all the baggage like: miasmatic waste, disease patterns, and debris.
It is a big job we signed up for but the job has got to get done and someone has to do it so let’s get on with it. We do not want to repeat this cycle again so let’s get it right and get it done. It will get a whole lot better the more context you have of the bigger game at hand, the endgame and you can have the winning hand.
Do the inner work.
Breathe, open your heart; begin to feel again.  
We are not the victim.... we are the revealer of the truth.

The False King  is everything we see,outside however it is in us. It is selfish, a taker, rapes, pillages and plunders and makes false promises dispelling lies because the collective WE on the planet have not learned energetic mastery, sustainability, and how to be a sovereign being with clear communication skills. We have had to learn by having our boundary layer pushed upon.

However, many beings on this earth are still not awake to this fact and are waiting for something outside like a Jesus figure or aliens to come fix them or save them.
All fixing and saving begins within.
The only saviors that will appear outside are the ones that are malevolent  because we collectively will keep repeating the cycle: Groundhog Day and draw in the worst case scenarios until we look at ourselves and quit pointing the finger and blaming everything outside. We know there has been a war on Consciousness and all the same drama we have heard however we cannot change our history until we become the peace within which is a full time job.
Do we have any other choice at this point? I think not.
The ET that will save us from our negative ego is the star being within ourselves that we have alien~ated. There will be outside help too... beings coming around to mirror the issue but the ultimate responsibility is still ours. It does not matter who plays the victim or victimizer.
On a frequency level they are both the same game energy vampirism.
The architecture has not been set up in a fashion for there not to be consumptive modeling until now. We have been in a bi~wave closed looped system where everything has a finite life span and there have been overlays of other programs to the v v game, such as predator prey and survival of the fittest.  Competitive sports and the entertainment industry feeds off of and into this "King of the Hill" archontic game which is ridiculous when you sit back and observe it.
Why are people fascinated with movies loaded with violence and even the adrenaline rush of roller coasters?.
The nervous system has had another inorganic program installed into it which is fight or flight. Some folks want to fight the bear, some want to run and some want to freeze and not deal with the situation. Which one of these folks are you. It reminds me of a book I read years ago by James Redfield, “The Celestine Prophecy,” remember that fabulous book? It was also made into a movie. It may be good to revisit it again. He talked about the consumptive modeling and the stealing or battling for energy as fitting into four different models. The Intimidator, Interrogator, Aloof and Poor Me……… you are probably getting it by now.
Also remember all those books on codependency? No need to read them again just activate your cellular memory in this higher frequency moment to remember what you know and to get off this hamster wheel just like all the other ones you have left behind. You are not leaving anyone behind even if you have to let some of people go for your expansion. As long as you have communicated your love and were authentic it does not matter if you were well received.If you stay in the relationship and it does not shift into the higher octave ~IT IS INTERFERENCE!!!!
Neither person will go through the next door if there is control and interference so when we see this pattern of energy, we need to get out of the way so the next expression of whatever it is in the growth process can come through.  

The good news is we have more support now from unseen forces than ever before I spoke about this in the last article, Since the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 and beyond our cosmic sovereign law of one Guardian Families aka Future Selves have been able to bring in enough living light code into the grids of the earth to help make these changes within the architecture of our own physical and emotional bodies to bring about the peace within our our lives we so desire. We must look deeply at ourselves as if being under a microscope. As we look at the personality of the self and remove the artificial machinery software programs we are healing our ancestors, the soul body, the monadic oversoul, and the planet. The healing is also "Universal" as we are in a universal ascension. What we will not like to see is the bifurcation or split in the time fields and hologram. This feels like a giant pimple that needs to pop. You may want to visit Lisa Renee’s writings about the bifurcation principle.

I am sad for humanity but it no longer serves to go down with all the sinking ships. We must be firmly planted on the land if we want to help anyone. When flying in an airplane put on your own O2 mask first before assisting anyone if there is a problem. We cannot give what we do not have and this has been another big problem on this planet. All of this is nothing new. The soul is wholeness and does not need to be fixed but the personality and ego does need to be fixed it needs to be aligned with the soul/oversoul purpose.
Fix yourself and become part of the solution instead of all the problems. When we are doing our work it leaves little time for drama and gossip of what is going on with so and so. At this time it is not necessarily about going to other beings for readings, energy clearings, and etheric surgeries. We need to learn how to do this on ourselves.  There is a time and space for that and there is a time to be ok with not knowing all the details mentally of what is going on. We can learn to ask our own higher self what is going on. Use your discernment. Stop giving power to another outside of yourself. It is good to support the folks that do that type of work for their living. They should if they are really doing their inner work not be dependent on you to satisfy their financial flow as that can also become consumptive modeling. Do not become dependent on them either to fix you then the relationship is parasitic, like the doctor who really does not want someone to get well. How will he feed himself if there are no more sick people.

The Endgame is the beginning of something new and magnifi~scent when you master the SEE~LF moment by moment. Every thought, feeling, emotion, word and deed must be mastered and then you will understand how this moment is the result of all thoughts, feelings and emotions you have had since birth and even before this incarnation. The freedom is in knowing when you reclaim your power you can change your reaction to everything you perceive as being negative that was done to you. You can clear all memories and influences completely forever, forgive and forget no need to hang on to anything. Then when you release those bindings and set free all the story line you may realize no harm was done at all as now you are free and collapsed the timeline.
Anything can be turned around as a spiritual growth opportunity.

Everything is at least in my universe a moment by moment flow of energy leading into the next moment. Even as a write this I am feeling the sovereign waves of this truth in love.
And with that I feel enough has been said on this subject at least for a few more moments in time.

So fly high above with eagle vision...blessings to you all. I am grateful. Peace.

Namaste~Missy Hill       

The God Light in me Honours and Respects the God Light in you~U so let it shine!   

Friday, July 3, 2015

What Are We Gonna Do Now?


We are in a simulated reality being manipulated in a Petri dish by a cold blooded species. Since birth, they have tracked us through our blood type and your personal barcode aka your social security card. (Hunger Games/Divergent/Heroes)
What do you do once awake?
Find a support group or even a few people who can help you validate your experience. Be prepared to distance yourself from the sleepy heads. Some can still awaken but not all of us are humans and the ones who are, have a mixture of reptilian and crystalline. Some humans may not have enough crystalline DNA and they will be unable to see what the others can see. There will be losses; your goal is to not be one of them.

First, I want to remind everyone that WE ARE IN NEW TERRITORY!  So, as problem solvers, we must make it up as we go. Our experience with the paranormal is increased, don’t let that scare you.
Example: I use to use a homemade Ouija board and was in a small group of 4 using it when we were approached by an angry spirit who said some really scary things to us. One in the group nearly lost it (a man…lol). In the end, it turned out to be an 8 year old boy who had passed suddenly in a car accident and was bored so he liked to “scare” people. Which is not to say there are not demons and real evil because I have encountered that too, more than twice, but I have encountered more spirits who were just hanging out, so don’t abandon yourself to fear, because 9 times out of 10, you just don’t need to!

What do the overlords want? Our compliance in our servitude to service them.
While you may believe you have rights and are free, remember, this is a duality dimension. Contracts such as the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution are being threatened by all the lawyers in the White House. We only need glance back to the Nazi regime, to see the map of the climate we now find ourselves in.
The thing to ask yourself is: how centered am I? Simple question, right?
What is being centered? Being centered is grounding your energy in your truth.
What is truth? Truth is that we are in a freewill system so all action is fluid and being a dualistic system, for every action, there is a reaction.
Group Planetary Healings & Meditations are, in my opinion, what is keeping us on our organic evolutionary path. Timeline alterations reflect their potency.
When they attempt to ramp the fear up…simply call it out! You then shine the light into that corner and events alter. You MUST not add to the fear, merely identify the treat so the energy can be dispersed.

Just because you find yourself in an exclusive club, try not to become a tool for the archons by fueling the ego to fill up on what has been a dormant domain. Meaning, if you are awake then generally you will go through a series of ego alterations while trying to assimilate feelings of anger, joy, vindication and depression to name a few. It’s easy to feel smarter than those who are asleep and we need to remember, that is not necessarily the case. A balanced ego is ALL we can accept at this time so work out those rough edges so you can retain your maximum output.
The question isn’t “how accurate am I”…meaning me telling you this, but how discerning are you?Can you read subtext accurately? Are you able to control your mind and emotions? Can you direct manifestation energy with your heart and mind? These are the qualities needed for spiritual warfare. Another thing to ask yourself, and this is very personal: Am I a teacher, a healer, a priest, an artisan, a protector, a recordkeeper, a gridkeeper, a sage, or a councilor? You can be mixtures of these, but it is through these archetypes, our oversoul is commissioned and given our assignments. So it is through these filters that we must shine our light from.

Once we have united with our oversoul, which is who your soul is, not this avatar you show up here as; you begin to have a different relationship with this density. Remember "The Matrix"!
Once outside the system you can begin to see its functionality.

For now we must stay balanced, not polarized as that plays into the duality game.
Straddle two paths. Manifest your highest potential; do what you love:
                                     We are the Architects of a New Reality!”

Let go of meat if you can. Drink lots of water for electrical conductivity. No GMO’s; Silica supplements; disconnect the cable tv…literally, get rid of the frequencies! No Smart meter! Pay the few $ extra to not have it, tell them it makes you ill! 10 min. of indirect sunlight each day; orgones and crystals to mitigate/absorb low frequency energy that is directed or indirectly directed; essential oils, meditate, smudge your property and environment, sound bathe, dance, sing, spend as much time in nature and with our animal spirits. Learn to be still; learn how to see, learn how to hear…by listening to the benevolent voice within…tone with: ”HU”
Scott Lemriel said it when he expressed his reluctance to come out with his material, as was I. He pointed out that “nothing has happened to him”and I agree! Sure we all experience the distortions, interference and energy drain, but I know for myself, it could be worse, because it has been worse, so I know it’s about integration…integrating all the information coming in and making adjustments to continue to be in alignment with the assignment. Integrate the higher frequencies and filter out the lower ones. Replace the archonic static that is being pumped in; that wants to flood your mind with your own fears so that you focus on the fears and not the override which is “love”. What is love? Love is a state of eternal bliss; it is not about another person or pleasure.

You can also convert anger into energy that ignites the passion of commitment to light and service.

I had been a young gung ho…gonna rip the illusion off this facade…punk rocker in 78, and spent 30 years in the trenches of Hollyweird…only to realize…how naïve I was in spite of my worldiness…lol!
“Little Miss September” meets Baal and Baphomet! Fighting them directly was much pain and torture; was it worth it…absolutely, because I came into this game to help others out of it. That is my role here. I don’t know YOUR role here. Sure, we could do energy work and I can help you unravel your story. Do energy removal and chakra clearing, but it is up to you to maintain it. It is your story to be remembered; do akashic record work! It took years to understand what I know and I am not a patient person, so I get that you want to know everything NOW! We are INDIVIDUALS, NOT clones or replicates. Your flower blossoms different from my blossom, both beautiful and unique! Fly your galactic signature suit; let your “freak” ….show. They want you to disassociate and fragment you so they can transform you into transhuman but we are here to integrate and become whole so we may transmute as our evolutionary process intended.


As Missy Hill reminds us, “we need to hold onto our bodies for as long as we can until we are enabled to let go of them”, meaning, as we elevate our awareness and consciousness, our bodies are becoming less compatible with our circuitry upgrades, equally so, the planet is also going through purges and upgrades. We mirror this with her. I don’t think we’ll have to wonder anymore, when that time is, as I believe it will be fairly obvious. When Earth reaches her ascension point, we will experience what is known as “3 days of darkness”. ("Melancholia")
When she experiences her shift, we will experience a surge in the electrical field. We will lose power and experience a gravity adjustment in which the energy will be so heavy; we will only be able to sleep until it is over. This is why we must “lighten” our load ahead of this moment so we can move through the glitch as oppose to “blowing a fuse”.
Prepare your mind, let go of low frequency drama; surround yourself in light and do not fear the dark.

Find the Center xo
shaman Wendi

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Somewhere, over the Rainbow or the "man" behind the Ozzzzz Machine

 Still reeling from the Charleston false flag, which was on the heels of two other huge distractions: a buildup of racial tension through a series of ongoing psy-op events and the transgendering of Caitlyn Jenner former Olympic hero and sports icon; we have been besieged by an onslaught of energy which is aimed at division, disguised as unity.
The Charleston event whispered back to the ancestral roots of the American Civil War…not even to racism or the intention behind the confederate flag itself but to the legality of a constitution drafted by slave owners.

During all of which, the NWO cabal, was able to fast track the Trans Pacific Partnership behind the not so disguised Trade Promotion Authority and yet another Trade Assistance Authority; presented and passed, without the disclosure of the bill’s full contents. Originally rejected by both Dems and Rep, yet while the MSM (mainstream media) announced the Supreme Court’s decision regarding gay marriage, the vote on the TPA was taken and essentially, as a result, we were stripped of our human rights, because THAT was the distraction. Then, as everyone is cheering for one human right being given, rights like a living wage, job creation, trade; all go the way of other Third World countries; all you have to do is look at the Chinese worker to know where this is headed.

Corporate control, government control, propaganda aimed at the children; rewriting history…sounds like all the energy being put into false flags is for the terrorizing effect, that will herd the sheep into the corral for???
We are in the midst of the 81st anniversary of Hitler’s “Night of long knives” aka Operation hummingbird; during which Hitler surprised his political opponents by “purging” them. During the night, they were all murdered.

 Also upon us: the Jupiter/Venus alignment which represents a “marriage” (gay marriage): Jupiter (Zeus/Ra/Jesus) marries Venus/Lucifer/Androgynous. Then by invoking the “rainbow” you pull in the universal rainbow energy of Gays, Christians, Hopi, Starseeds etc. In the rainbow depicted at the NWO’s Denver Airport, the rainbow is upside down, which makes sense as ALL NOW, IS INVERTED. If it says one thing, it MEANS or represents something entirely different and if we follow the rainbow prism of the lower 7 chakras: with the color red at the crown, puts a cap on enlightenment.   (Thank you Missy Hill for this link xo) Thank you Diane Francis for the below pix:


This is yet another attack on the Divine Mother in an effort to diminish her growing empowerment. Women can be replaced by gay and transgendered men. Boutique babies can satisfy demand.
Just as the TPP, essentially, represents the same diminishing quality of the original prototype. The two issues mirror each other perfectly: the authenticity; not cloned, biologically human….NOT transhuman!
On one hand, we are global but to stay rooted in identity, authenticity and self-sufficiency, we must remain rooted in local community. Why send our live chickens to China for them to be slaughter, packaged and sent back to us? Without FDA regulations?  Such as those are, when you have corporations like Monsanto sending their attorney to head up the FDA to prevent the regulation of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) into our food stream.
 Inauthentic food; inauthentic human template.
This comes down to a hijacking of mind and body from our original 12 strand crystalline/angelic DNA blueprint. They are hijacking our organic evolution for their inorganic agenda.

After WW2, the American government brought the Nazi scientists over to the U.S. to learn about their mind control program which they then adopted and implemented on the American people.
Mkultra, Monarch, Project Camelot & Blue Beam Darpa, NSA, nano-technology, implants, and on.
The film and music industry, along with the industrial military complex, and the heavily regulated mental health department, work together to control the mind of the American people. Using this along with frequency technology; they even changed the music signature from 432hz to the subliminally disharmonic  440hz.

Low frequency pulses are pumped out through your computer, your television, your “smart” phone, your “smart” meter…invert that. Why is a chemical company like Monsanto, in charge of food production? Do you know the research on gmo’s? They have altered and weakened our biological bodies. In fish, they reverted to being asexual. We are not being allowed to evolve through our natural photosynthesis as intended but instead via DNA erosion. Also by targeting our nutritional intake, they control our minds. Then when you get sick, “you” support  their doctors, who support  their pharma industry; when “you” mentally lose it, you support  their mental health systems and perhaps, ”you” end up in their prison systems.
After decades of refinement, these programs have succeeded on the masses; those of us who are awake, know that all too well. We also live inside a prison called the matrix. It is invisible and when you are no longer distracted, you may see it, because it is there.

Another thing the rainbow represents is HOPE; “gold” at the end of the rainbow. Gold, the universal commodity. So with the injection of the rainbow, they tap into our open chakras to harvest energy (power up) their rituals against Divine Mother and the humans; we then willingly hand over the key, and once again, they use us against us.
I did not just wake up two years ago, or five years ago…I never went to sleep! I came here to be here for humanity. I don’t want for my life to have meant nothing. I don’t want believe that all my personal sacrifices were for nothing. I will NEVER give up on you, my beloved humanity! You are like the lost puppy, the abandoned kitten, the beautiful flowers: trusting, in need and unique. I love you all, even when my heart breaks at your poor choices. I know, you’ve been abused. I know you had your memories stripped from you; I know you were once loved and now you are only lied to. I will love you always; it hurts so to watch you grow but I know, that you know….there is no Santa Claus…and with Independence Day upon us, is it “better to die on your feet or to live on your knees”? ("Power & Passion" Midnight Oil).

Stay rooted in a local community, sustainability and bartering.
Support the rainbow without consenting to the agenda: support with mind and spirit...don't consent to having your heart chakra energy out sourced and used against you!
Remain authentically human; evolve organically xo

shaman/gridkeeper Wendi