Saturday, October 22, 2016

Releasing Distortions; Rebuilding Syntax

Our transition into the 5th dimensional architecture has been a slow process with good reason. We are powerful beings who do not fully recognize our potential. The only way to refinement, in this duality system; is to be broken down to the base level and rebuild syntax from there.

Our latent D.N.A. has been activating, en mass, since 2011; leading up to the 2012 shift into gear. The cosmic rays from our Sun, activates this process much as photosynthesis revitalizes our plant kingdom. This neural information comes in through our Crown Chakra and sends frequencies to the Pineal Gland which then activates the “projection system” of our Third Eye. This allows for the program upgrades our avatar bodies MUST have, to be able to integrate and sustain a higher dimensional field, that we genetically must now acclimate our physical bodies to. I will say again, the only way one’s Pineal Gland is enabled to receive the cosmic messages, is by REMOVING FLUORIDE from your environment.

Around 2013, we moved through the singularity of the 4th dimension; a time when paranormal activities began to increase exponentially. Adapting to the increase of an energetic planet realignment, our bodies are like batteries, we must be sure to protect their ability to transmit at a higher frequency. That points directly to an electrical system that has a solid infrastructure. Lubrication being essential=WATER! Smart Water brand has no fluoride (most others do); alkaline water is best, as our diets are naturally acidic.

We are evolving beyond Carbon based, to Silica based. Our bodies will have more and more difficulty attempting to support it, if we do not adopt to a 5th dimensional diet. I have allowed my body, since 2003, to evolve towards the 661 code: 6 protons, 6 electrons, 1 neutron; this is the shaman’s code. The carbon based code being: 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons…thus making our vibratory rate dense, so that we would be in resonance with the planet herself.
Now that she is in the process of evolving up to 5th dimensional architecture, we too must follow. Taking Silica will also help in this transition.

I believe the key to enabling this adaptation, lies in our attachment to duality.
Duality offers powerful beings such as our “original” selves, the opportunity to experience human emotions, which do not exist in the same dynamical texture, anywhere else but here; to play out roles, at different ends of the experiential spectrum. The reincarnation cycle; a graduation process towards the mastery of “being human”.

When we forget why we came here, distortions are placed, within what is now a hijacked, virtual reality matrix, preventing us from remembering who we are.

Unless you invest in the path from left brain to right, you will be unable to see the beautiful moment we are in. With the fall of the old paradigm, comes the need for new groundwork.
Those of us on the front lines of the 5th dimension, have been spinning our wheels in frustration waiting, for what seems like forever, for this shift to be fully engage.
To be able to “know” for a fact that it is happening. Trust me when I say…it is!
I cannot prove it to you, for it is a personal journey. Each must discover their higher self; their spirit guides but most importantly, hear the inner, for it will guide you should you be brave enough to adhere.
I am hardwired for left brain but grew up immersed in right brain so I have had a lifetime to balance and perfect my logic with intuitive. If I can “feel it”, then I am sensing a tangible, in spite of opposition, I maintain my position because my intuition has been highly discerned and tested by my Vulcan-like logical and hyper aware mind. Heart & Mind!

We are pioneers, we are explorers, we are seekers; we are the cutting edge of a new way to live, create and perceive reality.

Resist without Anger; Embrace Neutrality; Be Mentors; Do not Judge yourself or others; Hold onto Humor as a Bridge.
This is your task, should you wish to continue evolving xo

shaman Wendi ~

                                       We Are the Architects of a New Reality!