Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Integrating Polarities: Yin/Yang Balance to Acheive Trinity/Neutrality

The organic evolution of our species, finds us in the midst of an adaptation, by means of photosynthesis, wherein, the sun's cosmic rays, are triggering the activation of our original 12 string crystalline D.N.A. template. This activation, initiates changes in our D.N.A. structure, that brings on line, more silica pulling back on the carbon. This molecular alteration, is changing us and we must make adjustments to be comfortable embodying this lighter frequency.

It will make us react to food, light, noise, energy, etc. as it is integrated within us.

When addressing yin/yang chi energy, we are perceiving the male and female polarities, which can be related  to our car's battery. Positive/Male/Red charge and Negative/Female/Black charge, for the electrical charge to generate the current.
This is in fact what the "trinity" represents: the integration of polarities; balanced yin/yang.

When addressing gender, we all contain this yin/yang recipe in differing quantities. Depending on the levels of these gender aspects, our identity is reflected.

When our Chi/Soul enters an avatar, the avatar being our body/vehicle/Merkaba; we, as Light Beings, more silica based than carbon based, and by lowering our frequency, we are enabled to function in this, a lower carbon based dimensional reality. 

Our Over Soul self, has experienced (found in our Akashic memories), all Dimensional realities, Planetary lifetimes, Species hybrids, Gender expressions, and experiences "we" have interfaced with during our never-ending life force/consciousness experience.

Therefore, to accept "all" as the "energy" they are vs. judging one based on how one looks, is essential to our paradigm shift. Basing any astigmatism on race, religion, sexual preference etc. is dogmatic, limiting, and goes against the entire Star Nations catalog of thousands of species and races. It is an incorrect belief based on lack of exposure to accurate human history. The movies: "The Village", "The Matrix", and "The Truman show" all depict this illusion well.

Which contrasts now against the old Atlantian agenda of pro technology: to engineer a perfect race of transhumans. This is expressed through the Lucifer Rebellion that is attempting to continue it's hyjacking of the human species through the erosion of our D.N.A. by way of GMO, Nano, and CERN. This would be reflected as the Lucius Trust. 
Also in the New World agenda, we find the Black League, who also have a vested interest in how humanity is "evolved" and "managed". This would be the Saturnians: Black Pope. Both use occult ritual "magic" which is merely an inversion of esoteric wisdom, thus understanding the energetic core knowledge of our Pineal Gland as a receiver of those activating cosmic rays/wave frequencies.

To prevent our evolution, these factions have laid down elaborate architecture that has created an inorganic Earth matrix that goes against our Lemurian origins.

As starseeds, we came to Earth/Gaia/Velatropa, as a migration/problem/solution project. Our evolutionary process brings together many species and planetary systems in alignment and agreement, that Earth, as a vital interplanetary resource, should be protected, and by colonizing here, this was achieved. "Garden of Eden".

Duality, is this frequency's net, that traps us, into supplying the necessary lower frequency that keeps Earth and humanity, trapped in the matrix/prison system of unconscious duality and reincarnation. Granted, if you have kharmic debt, you stay till you figure it out but what had been initially set up as a choice has become enslavement. The movie "Jupiter Ascending" explains this well. The "corporate industries" who enslave us here to do their work and to harvest the energy.

The New Age movement was a push by the controllers to confuse us during this great awakening for they know this evolution is occurring, and in a proactive move to prevent it, began releasing disinfo starting in the 60's. I AM needs to be balanced with We Are: I am a unique expression of the Prime Creator; together, We Are the architects/designers/co-creators of this reality.

Authenticity, Individuality, Uniqueness Balanced with Unity, Integrity, and Collective Consciousness.
These are our cornerstones; the Divine Guidestones of Pure Source/Prime Creator.

To understand, that which we are a part of, is to recognize that the power within, is for the achievement of the Hundreth Monkey adaptation. We are the pioneers, paving the way for the others, and in doing so, we must seek truth passionately, which means we must do our research, we must understand the mission...first hand. We cannot allow ourselves to be used as a tool for that disinformation agenda. 
TRUTH exists through and beyond all religions; it exists through and beyond all logic; it exists through and beyond the paranormal; it exists through and beyond the multi-dimensions, for we are multi-dimensional beings having a 3 dimensional shift into a 5th dimensional reality.

Remember who you are; fear nothing, and remain neutral while tearing down the walls of illusion.
This is what overriding the matrix requires! We CAN and WILL DO THIS!!!
We Are the Architects of a New Reality!

shaman Wendi

Monday, February 8, 2016

New Moon in Aquarius: Manifesting the Co-Creation

For some time now, we have been locked in death spiral, as our collective consciousness struggles to make sense of the changing climate and landscape, in the architecture of our reality.

Many who are still locked in that left brain program of dogmatic conformity, seem to remain oblivious, however, my sense is that there are at least half of us who are pulling the time continuum in a different direction than was planned for. This in turn, alters future and past timelines, as time itself is illusionary, and it is within this understanding that the multidimensional aspect can begin to integrate itself into our mutual awareness.

Without time, there are no walls. When the Berlin wall came down, it no longer separated 2 sides of the same country. When the illusion of time is shattered, there will be no more walls to box humanity into the cube.

This New Moon in Aquarius continues the awakening and grounding process which is having an impact on the timelines. Aquarius is the architectural design template upon which we will overwrite the 3 dimensional program of left brain illusionists. Aquarius is a futurist humanitarian who strives for unity and collaboration. R-evolutionary!

The occultists who have designed the prison, utilize and harvest our negative emotions, so keeping ones energy up to a higher threshold becomes the key to remaining locked on our navigational system which is our 3rd eye pineal gland. Disconnecting from the grid as much as possible will enable a higher frequency so please consider saving money and giving up the TV. In the bigger picture you will be extricating yourself from the mind control program that keeps the frequency low and locked on sex, drugs and violence.

The Hundredth Monkey effect says that once a tipping point majority locks onto the same concept, it shifts the entire species. This is what we are now in the process of experiencing, and a powerful validation for all of us to be ready and prepared to stand up together, to show the rest, who we are and that we are here! This is in fact the very unity that we speak of as saving us...this is unity!
We stand up together and all go in a unified, different direction than the rest of the herd...enough said! No more duality; duality is a loop, just as reincarnation is a loop. Why, because the only structure that exists is the structure we choose to collectively see. In reality, there are multi-dimensions to explore; there are inter-planetary lifelines we share; we are multidimensional, silica based crystalline consciousness, experiencing a carbon based mammal body/vehicle/avatar/mekabra.

When you sleep, you are multidimensional. If you open 5 tabs on the Internet, you are multidimensional. Don't get trapped in duality! Contemplate. Put down the iPod/Pad; pay attention to the music you listen to, is it programming you or deprogramming you? Contemplate!

This is the moment, we set our intentions beyond the argument, beyond the prison walls! Embrace the bar scene from "Star Wars"where multidimensional races co-exist in an inter-planetary system of shared history. Those who have suffered societal wrath in the past, are now immune as we impatiently look to a New Earth for sustenance. Fear holds no charge...only the joy of rebirth!

As we move toward the Master Spiral Vortex Portal of 3/6/9, we are synchronized in an alignment with the 12, thus enabling the overwrite of this crumbling paradigm.

We are a beautiful potpourri of humanity's manifestation. Our star families are proud and we are already in the history books of light. We are the ones, who made the shift to the 5th dimensional reality with Gaia! We are the seeds, who have rooted and grown, shared our seeds, and now harvest a banquet of possibilities! See it, Believe it, Be it! Sing Your Song, and others will sing along xox


Love is the Light,

shaman Wendi

Saturday, February 6, 2016

House of Ametrine~Aquarian Architecture of 5D

We have made it! We have grounded 5D and anchored the template.
Everyday, little by little, the architecture of 3D is being dismantled.
Those of us who’ve been on the frontlines for many years now, are able to see the fruits of their labor. Having already faced the shadow, and done the soul retrieval work.

Many on the following “wave”, will find themselves in the thick of pain; just now going through the needle’s eye. Letting go of dysfunction can be difficult when it is all we know. It can also feel alienating to wake up, especially if those around you are still asleep.
Cognitive dissonance with the normalcy bias is a kicker!

Still others, are just now waking up into the confusion we all know too well, and are in need of briefing and stabilizing. We can only help those ready and willing. Don’t take resistance personally. Lead by example, from a place of awareness, not ego.

We are not only overriding the system but we are overwriting the program!
Navigating our pioneering spirits, beyond the paradigm and into our new expanded reality.

Moving between multi-dimensional realities require lightness of being and expansion.
Letting go of limiting perceptions regarding gender identity and roles, nationalism, and dogmatic self personifications, will enable the true integration of yin/yang, thus manifesting the “trinity” of neutrality. This is the most notable feature adaptation our species has acquired through this evolutionary leap that we now embark upon. To recognize that we as crystalline energy, have entered our avatar vehicle, to experience a human existence. Not to be held hostage by it, but to experience it for it’s freewill system and to participate in the human “drama” that accompanies our frequencies emotional landscape.

There is no room for fear, so letting go of these fragmentations of self will be our only recourse.
If we are to graduate to the next level, we absolutely must practice fearlessness, acceptance, unity, and neutrality for we are being called upon to shatter duality. For this to occur, we must cease to polarize from within. 

We are in Indigo Boot Camp for the Soul!