Tuesday, February 18, 2014

We are at the Crossroads

Humans migrated to Earth when the galactic wars had seen our home destroyed. Several races of humans from different planetary systems decided to pool their D.N.A. together and start a new race of humans here on Gaia. Our former home was destroyed, much as our adopted home is now; greed, power and technology. Unfortunately upon our D.N.A. being "planted" here, those whom were against the project, sought to sabotage by stealing some of the original D.N.A. for our blueprint. They also began their own project to hybrid with us. Without all of our intended circuitry, it would take the evolutionary process to eventually reconnect us to our full intention.
We are on the path to recreate and relive the last days of the Lemurian civilization. Our history books are propaganda and lies, meant to keep humans from their birthright. Just as with the wars in the galaxy, all the same "actors" are in play here; have spent centuries creating the sets and scenes to tell the lies; all in effort to keep humans enslaved and unaware of their true origins and history.
 The Draconians are the overlords here and their evil knows no end.
The information is there for those who seek and many brave souls who were in the original battles have chosen to reincarnate here at this time to fulfill their kharmic duty to help release humanity from this mono-frame. I personally have been awake this entire incarnation; have been privy to vast amounts of paranormal, metaphysical and akashic information; so can assure you this post comes from deep within my heart and soul; my love and devotion to humanity is unyielding.
What you need to know is that this is a MULTI-DIMENSIONAL REALITY; think about what that means. There is more than one transmission of frequency. The television, radio and internet all have more than one option and so do we. The reptilians use our heart chakra energy against us. Harness it away with the lower vibration they bombard us with and  LOVE EVOL EVOLVE.
We are more powerful than they are but because they formed a hybrid connection with humans, they can manipulate that part of our reptilian brain into the lower resonance of primal animal.
Our soul is what they don't have; our soul is our holographic electrical source that allows us to animate in physical form and it is this they fear. They have done everything in their power to disable the circuitry that activates our pineal gland, as this is where we hold our soul information.
What you now see happening in the world is that, once again, we face the kharma of our very inception. Many turned their backs in Lemuria; many took the gold; what will you do?
The key to this moment is:
with your soul, YOU have the power.
This is only a 3D reality, we are moving into 5D...a new dimension where you can only hold the transmission if you can vibrate at the HIGHER frequency.
Love in a clear resonant tone
Anger is an Energy that can be harnessed; ignite passion for humanity;
Clear your energy field and unite in purpose. Fear is what they wish for you so ground LOVE.
Radiate Truth
Illusion is no more.