Tuesday, February 3, 2015



     As with the acceptance of any form of impending death; the most difficult aspect is the letting go of ego.

The ego is the part of the human psyche; that reptilian brain element, which will fight for survival at all costs. However there is another reptilian feature that we also share: the ability to regenerate.

The human species is evolving, as is the planet. The planet is shifting biologically and so are we; from Carbon 12: 6 protons, 6 electrons and 6 neutrons to a less dense Carbon 7: 6 protons, 6 electrons and 1 neutron.
This adaptation is happening regardless of conscious choice. This is an organic evolution of our planet and species.

As we move into this new frequency, there are important issues we must address, regarding our relationship and understanding of positive and negative, as polarities.
Like a car battery, positive and negative currents work together equally to power the car. When polarities are balanced, they present a neutral component. Energy is magnetic; our thoughts create reality, so by replacing negative thoughts or projections with a simplified intention we can “override” the negative program that activates our fear. Example: When I feel fear about money creeping up and I’m doing everything I can to bring money in; at that moment, I’m not sure what the answer is and it’s not something MY MIND can solve. “I” with my MIND and FEAR, may create an even worse problem so I simply say: financial abundance is mine now. So simple…right? But it works. I broke it down to the basic attainable positive meme, to disrupt the program.
Now my “program” is locked onto a positive intention and sure enough, it begins to magnetize financial abundance. Our mind is the projector through our pineal gland. The pineal gland acts as the projector to project a “streaming creation” i.e. a movie of our own creation. But it is difficult to run the “projector” when the “gears” are stuck so the pineal gland must be decalcified. Fluoride is the main contributor of calcium, coating the gland and making it difficult for our 3rd eye/inner vision to project images at all.

When I say frequency what do I mean? If a person is full of negative energy, they are at the lower end of the frequency gauge. A positive person is at the other end. All negative is not bad and all positive is not good. Too much of anything is too much. It then becomes out of balance and polarizing. A balanced ego, is one that has faced their dark side/fears and shed the light into that dark shadowside, to embrace and accept it as the “insight” that it is towards bringing us back into the balance. Going back to our battery…what is balanced? The position of: neutral.
The 3rd dimension that we were trained down to, no longer exists. Our planet has shifted into a higher dimension. The 4th on its way to the 5th. This means old systems will come down as they are outdated and no longer serve us. In addition, there are system controllers who don’t want us to become empowered as we will become unmanageable. They’re the ones who put fluoride in the water and toothpaste as a failsafe of their systems control. It matters not because they cannot control the planet as she evolves.
Water is the key as with all electrical systems, our neurological system relies upon water.


Frequencies: If you are vibrating at a negative frequency, much like a radio station, you will only be able to receive AM stations. Not much depth, hard to understand through the static. However, the FM frequency is stronger and clearer; more comfortable to listen to. Like a radio, we are transmitting negative frequencies that in turn only receive the very limited AM programming. When you can fully actualize that understanding: intellectualizing it along with experiencing it; then your frequency begins to shift. Heart & Mind create the spark of all creation and actualization.

Multi-dimensional Reality
Once you begin to “see” how we have been literally programmed into limitation, you need to understand how to disengage from the lower frequency otherwise you will be stuck with negative energy in the lower 3 dimensional reality.
Dimensional realities, while seemingly complex, are really simple. When you sleep and you think you’re dreaming, you are actually visiting other dimensional realities. Time itself, does not exist, it is a creation of man to control. In reality, there is no past or future on a linear timeline. Think of it as you sit at the computer. YOU are the avatar. Regardless of having a body/vehicle to “travel” within, in truth, it is our consciousness that is the battery which enables the vehicle. But sitting at the computer, without the aid of your body, you become multi-dimensional. I can go on-line and open many “windows” at once. I can go to Yahoo, open another window and go to Facebook, open another window and check my bank, open another window and take classes and on and on. As long as the computer has enough “power” ie. 3G or 4G, even 5G now; you can open as many windows/dimensions as you can. As long as your battery can handle running the vehicle at an optimum, you are able to travel. The cleaner the engine and level at which the vehicle is maintained, the better it runs and the further it goes, for a longer period of time.

To evolve organically with Mother Earth we must change our frequency, to one that is higher. For our bodies to hold a higher frequency, we must enable our bodies and minds to integrate this higher frequency. (If you upgrade the electrical system of your home, the wires must be reinforced to carry the current as well as more fuses at a higher amp).
Just like reptiles, we can regenerate when we recreate our template to a crystalline (661) HU-man (angelic light) design as oppose to the old 666=beast/animal which is more dense and lower in frequency. This relates to the regeneration of our original 12 strand DNA design to enable moving into the triple helix configuration of 22 activated D.N.A. strands.

Then we are able to embody access to the corresponding dimensions. When humans are aligned with the original human blueprint; when all 12 strands are activated; then we are a walking Avatar on Earth and can de-manifest our physical body and turn it into light (ascend).  This is what is called biological transmutation and is built into the original human DNA design.  So instead of leaving a body behind, you transmute it into a less dense form (from carbon based matter to silica based). This concept is similar to how on “Star Trek” they “beam” to other planets and dimensions). This is what “Christos” is. The christ/ light within.

This is all biological…nothing more.

Hundredth Monkey
Now, the best part: “The hundredth monkey phenomenon refers to a sudden spontaneous and mysterious leap of consciousness achieved when an allegedly "critical mass" point is reached.”

What that means is that if 100 light bulbs are at 300 watts, they are brighter than 200 bulbs at 20 watts.
In other words, we don’t need to worry whether every person on the planet wakes up so to speak, we only need be responsible and committed to our own shift. THAT is, in fact; the BEST thing any of us can do to aid humanity and the planet. Because we have already met the critical mass, all we need do is continue to hold the higher frequency and the future of our species has already adapted. The evidence of this is revealing itself each day as we slowly watch the darker elements of our society fall; having the spotlight shown upon it, and thusly crumbling under the “weight” of its own density.
We are a freewill system of co-creation. This is the big secret kept from us all. When we integrate this concept into our awareness of our reality, we override the limitations of our programmed operating system. Once you “recognize” the correlation between the systems design, you are enabled to write a new application and project it out into the movie theater that is the world or THIS dimensional reality.

This Virtual Reality
When all of these concepts are integrated into our consciousness, WE are enabled, together, to re-write the program, the script, the dimensional “virtual” reality.

THIS is what they don’t want you to know. THIS is why they distract and confuse us. THIS is why they seeded “stories”, better known as religion, indoctrination, and academia. It is to train your mind down  to better manage the “sheep”. We are not sheep unless we choose to be. We are living Avatars and don’t you forget that! I speak from a core mechanical design, rooted in quantum physics.
Now, when the plug is pulled on your vehicle, just trust that you wake up in another dimension but you are still the pure consciousness you came into the virtual reality of life with. Understand?

If your plug is pulled and you are holding a low frequency of fear, then guess what, you loop back through the reincarnation wheel of kharma, into a matched and magnetized low density dimension.
However, if your plug gets pulled and you hold no fear, knowing full well that this is a virtual reality and YOU are the avatar…having spent your time in joyfulness and appreciation; doing what you love, with other avatars whom you resonate with; co-creating a more satisfying reality and existence.
Then, when you pass, you are still the avatar and choose where you wish to go.
There are other realities besides this one. If you want drama in its lowest vibration, go to the movies and see American Sniper. If you want nourishment of the soul, go see Samsara. This reality is a movie of your choice!

                                      We ARE the Architects of a NEW REALITY!
shaman Wendi Morrison-Merritt CCT