Sunday, January 1, 2012

Shadow Self

   As a survivor of psychological and emotional trauma (not to mention physical and sexual), one learns coping mechanisms that if not guided into maturity these "locked in" behaviors can inhibit our ability to thrive within inter-personal interactions, keeping our "self awareness" in an isolationist mentality. If we are unable to express our boundaries then we cannot expect others to telepath them, same is true if you are not able to acknowledge and honor when boundaries are set, we cannot fully develop into higher beings no matter how committed a path we may see ourselves on.
   The social norm frowns upon emotions and prefers repression;  how odd that entire "program" is when you consider that as a planet, souls incarnate here for the experience of emotion and free will; part of the souls instruction toward higher vibration and ascension. Suffice to say that, said repression, goes completely against our original design. In an effort to survive, the mind begins to compartmentalize each aspect of their life and attempts to control each segment through the ego self or they give complete control to another through transference.
   The conscious mind includes everything we are aware of that is a part of our mental process. We can logically and rationally think and talk things out. The unconscious mind however, is a pool of feelings, thoughts, impulses and memories that are outside our conscious awareness. The contents of these memories are unacceptable and unpleasant; feelings of pain, anxiety or conflict. The unconscious mind is constantly coloring our actions and responses, choices, attitudes and behaviors.

   Passive/Aggressive is the most prominent pattern running rampant within our social structures, no doubt systematic of the times but more importantly, an identifiable defect in our society. Thus denial is an equal opportunity imposer of personal reality, as is flat out narcissism.

Passive/Aggressive-Passively resists fulfilling routine tasks, makes excuses, convenient forgetfulness, creates chaotic situations ie: drama to invoke the "I'm a victim" card. Intentional inefficiency: chronically being late and "forgetting" things can be another way to exert control or to punish. Complains of being misunderstood, argumentative, rebukes authority, hostility and defiance. This pattern may stem from a specific childhood environment where it was unsafe to express frustration, anger and feelings or emotions in general. This also includes institutions that impose this kind of repressive experience such as religious influences, boarding schools, military or re-programming experiences. Included, would be having an experience of family denial imposed upon one.

   Now narcissism is an entirely different beast. Usually a derivative of entitlement and indulgence or the total opposite...complete lack of thus, creating a defect within the minds attitude toward entitlement. This is a pattern that our society has also been infected by, however I believe that imposition came from the agenda of the media, based on the desired propaganda set forth by the industrial military complex as well as the corporate interests. There does seem to be a more insidious agenda as well, that wishes to propagate a mindless and primitive experience here; that appears to support selfish indulgence, lack of morality and a fatalistic self-destruction, which is conducive to allowing and the supporting of, society to suffer from these defects, that go completely against the grain of our golden rule of  "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"....or even the simple concept of cause equals effect. If you resist what persists, if you invest in short cuts, if you do the same thing over and over, only to have the same results....change the experience by looking at the method to your madness and make the adjustment. Don't be afraid to recognize that YOU are not in control but are being controlled by what you are too afraid to look at, own it and change it! Yes, it takes time, but each day we avoid changing, we avoid living to our full potential!

   If we REALLY want to save the planet, heal the species or raise the vibration upon this planet, we must first: break down the egos stranglehold on our mind and actions, come out of denial and examine not just what we think and feel but what we we act out that which we refuse to look at, deal with, own and counter. This is our shadow self and we must face the darkness, integrate it and overcome it's affliction upon our experience.

We are the Architects of a NewReality!
 Alive! 2012