Sunday, December 18, 2011

Alchemy, Purification of the Soul.

Alchemy is the process of becoming, through the initiation of suffering, death and rebirth.
The suffering is the catalyst for the refinement one must undergo toward the achievement of "perfection".
Perfection is however, subjective, as the state of perfection, is to the artist, when the masterpiece has reached it's own perfect state of refinement.

Alchemy is a kind of Spiritual Science; the process of refining the soul as much as that of metal & mineral.
Purification on it's way toward becoming something newly expressed. This is in fact, the process of evolution.
As each death and rebirth occurs, the soul is tumbled like a stone, toward it's ultimate becoming...ascension.
Reincarnation is a structured prototype version of alchemy, as is all chaos in nature from hormonal teens to rioting protests, it's the dissolving chaos that enables the "toxins" to be virtually burned out, leaving the flushed out gold. It's this spiritual regeneration of man, that offers the opportunity to refine so as to become as GOD; a piece of GOD, vibrating in harmonious co-existence.
Let the pain suffered not be in vain, find your Gold and Shine!

We are the Architects of a New Reality!