Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cognitive Dissonance and 21st Century Spiritual Warriors of Alchemy


                                   "Don't you want the truth, do you really, really want it?"
                                            Of course...unless it goes against my beliefs...
                                                        "You can't handle the truth"!
                                        Truth is subjective and a slave to one's perception.
                                                               "The future is dim"
            We have gluttonously devoured the feast and now it's time to purge.
                                                               "This place is hell"
                                                  This place is a vibration in crescendo.
                                                     "We can fix it with technology"
                                                      Technology creates simulation.
                                    "Is this the end or the end of the world as we know it?"
 This is one dimension that is in a loop; to exit this one, you must raise your frequency to make the adjustment, as a higher dimension is vibrating like a string, within a mono-frame, in a dimension, along side ours.
                                                         "You can't get there from here"
The only way to raise your frequency is to extricate your heart and mind from the paradigm of denial and ego. Your motivation must be pure; your intention clear; embracing the unknown with fluid cohesion.
                                         "Where do we find the courage to face our fodder?"
                                                        Within the deepest pain ever felt.
                                       "With a hunger so deep, where do we find sustenance?"
                                                           Within the tiniest eggshell.

What you focus on is what you create; release the fear of the unknown and you shatter it's illusionary power. Transform your mind and reality shifts; the mind is the computer hard drive; let the soul do the navigation. We are a holographic electrical current, run by batteries, in dualistic currents of positive and negative, in equal measure. The body, a vehicle we drive in.
                    Don't be fooled by the reality show, it's scripted yet improvisational
Sacrifice for the Mother as she has laid down her sword to carry you on her back.

                                            Don't get stuck in the traps; this too shall pass:)