Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ascension has Begun!


                             We are the Architects of a New Reality

    We are a Co-Creative Living Organism within an organism, within an organism...Nothing exists until it exists; that is, until it is observed. Our physical eyes are designed much like a movie theater projector. The outer world is our screen. Thus the theater and play begins!

   We are, as a race, in the process of a genetic leap forward; much as when humans leapt from ape to man. Our DNA is being upgraded/activated ie: evolution. Our evolution is from a double helix DNA code up to a triple helix DNA code giving us access to our 6th sense(finally). This is the ascension process. The "cosmic/solar rays" does that activation for us. We are a multi-dimensional universe, time does not exist; all are simultaneous: past, present and future...along with anywhere and everywhere intergalactically. We are moving from being carbon based as a life form to being silicon holograms which is merely a technical term to express pure energy as we will not have the same 3D solid form. 3D will still exist for those who are not ready for a higher plane but the rest of us will vibrate in a 5th dimensional reality.

   Our D.N.A. activation is also triggered and influenced by sounds and tones. This is what is meant by quantum physic's "string theory". Finite strings that vibrate, holding the hologram together like the picture screen on an old school television; this is "our channel". Think about all the clues that have been there for us to see, especially in Sci Fi.

   The television was upgraded to a computer and we are now being upgraded into the actual "matrix". A matrix of multi-dimensionalism. We have an upgrade going on with our internal software and soon our physical reality will resemble that of a computer; within the ability to go anywhere and do anything...think "Star Trek" when they leave the ship, how their bodies become less dense until they appear somewhere else. It's the same principal.

   By using the Solfeggio "Creators" Scale: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, we can heal our D.N.A. codes in preparation of our upgrades. These new frequencies that we are now in the process of integrating, can be incredibly overwhelming on all levels so it's important we understand what is going on and how to manage these new energies. "Mi" specifically is the healing frequency for the repair of D.N.A. or the "Sacred Spiral".

   Medical Research considers 90% of DNA/RNA "junk" as in useless while they only research about 3% pertaining protein structures and amino acids however within that so called "junk" over 90% of this DNA functions as spiritual receptors for electromagnetics and bio acoustics thus bringing us full circle. The evidence is everywhere. Cymantics when you put these frequencies to water and witness the amazing geometric designs that magically appear. Dolphins also display this sonar. When humans swim with dolphins, the dolphins sense the blockages in our DNA through the flow of the water frequency transmissions. Then, they quite literally, use the power of love to ultrasonically treat the deficiencies.

   Once we are able to not just conceptualize this new awareness but emotionalize it through connecting the dots from experience to understanding the concept of that experience...what it means, where it "fits in". From actualization to integration; we begin to evolve beyond 3D.

   Each one of us has a relationship with music. This is mostly environmental; what we've been exposed to. When we are exposed to new things we often shut down to it or open up to it. This is the power of vibration. In our societal culture, music is a form of melancholia. It triggers our memories in all "our lives"; in this dimension and in the others we operate in but don't yet realize this; these are what we think of as" past lives", truth be told they can be future or present lives as well. Our unconscious state, much like the computer beyond it's operating system; what's left are software preferences. Things we are intuitively drawn to.

   Our pineal gland (a cone shaped gland that is situated behind our eyes in the middle of our brain; "doctors" aren't sure what this gland is for) is our receptor (Third Eye) and sends information to our DNA which are in and of them selves, spiral structures designed to receive and transmit information; a Tesla coil of transmitted energy. Dr. Leonard Horowitz refers to bio acoustics as light or sound energy. Now we can understand how powerful music with images can be toward the manipulation of our psyche and why it is important to understand all that goes on around us in the unseen so that we can protect ourselves from subliminal mind control.

   While the healing frequencies can be activated through sound, it is also used in non compatible frequencies to invoke emotional responses of say anger. 440 is a rock time signature. It was adopted into mainstream by the Nazi's who changed from the classical "flow" of 432 HZ to the angry emotional 440 HZ. It's important to flush out our affinities for these lower frequencies so we can understand what areas of our being-ness we still need to process to fully digest and move beyond stagnation and repetition of negative choices.
   Other inhibitors of the pineal glands ability to connect with the 3rd eye comes from fluoride and the ELF's (electromagnetic: extremely low frequencies) that we are bombarded with. Energy parasites, unconscious behavior, weak vibrational fields/Auras and clinging to ego are all forms of 3D glitches that exploit the "unknowingness" of this unconscious denial of a more expansive multi-dimensional reality. Pro-Active awareness is enlightenment; questioning the dysfunction IS a healthy sign of innovation. Your design and purpose is much more important than we have been allowed to know.

   Another interesting component to the Pineal Gland is that it produces melatonin which is associated with sleep/unconsciousness and Melatonin is used to protect us from radiation. This suggests once again that the pineal/third eye is a transmitter with the solar/cosmic waves being the light source used in running the projector; melatonin being a regulator.

   This is what is meant by the ascension process. We become less dense, we increase our frequency output, we change dimensions thus Dimensional Shift. We are the Co-Creators of this dimensional shift and the days of ego/separation are over. Through acceptance of all our brothers and sisters of this planet and our galactic and intergalactic starseed families, we must now work together to rescue our Mother, heal and nurture her so that we may continue to enjoy the sustenance she gives to us.

 Heal with sound, heal with energy, heal through music, express your authentic self, reach out to your tribe and embrace all who are on this journey toward illumination. Create the desired outcome; see it in your mind's eye; set it in motion

                              ~ We are the Architect's of a New Reality!~