Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12/12-21-12 Doorway: 144 Grid Matrix of Divine Love

   Until now, like batteries, we have operated as a dualistic electro-magnetic polarity charge: Positive and Negative. We have been misinformed as to the purpose of negativity; upon release, it instigates positive; enabling action. To complete this level and move into the 12th Ray of Christ Consciousness; the Golden Ray of the Age of Aquarius and the Golden Age of Crystalline Consciousness, we must release all kharmic debt to resonate with the state of non duality. We are now in activation of our triple helix D.N.A. 12 strand template, allowing us to enter the portal into the 144 Grid Matrix of Divine Love. Now we MUST take this opportunity to relieve kharmic debt by confronting and releasing it's negative charge, so as to align yourself with the path towards transcendence over the old grid of duality...Move into the "Triality" or trinity as it is also known. We seek not a rebirth for to become a perpetual child is not pro-active. Accepting the Cause and Effect of our choices allows this "free will" dimension to be a wonderful experiment toward Unity. To engage here responsibly and effectively, we must first understand what this place is and the time is now. This is where we now find ourselves as a species, at the doorway to all that is...our multiverse and freedom like we've never known before!

   Thought with Coherence is the Anchor; Love & Joy the reward; Forgiveness & Justice the final chapter in this collapsing 3D matrix grid.
"We are the Architects of a New Reality!"
I AM; OrangeRay xo

Friday, December 7, 2012

Big Bang: Nature is my Church

   We incarnate here for many reasons but the primary reason is to learn. This manifestation of reality, albeit a bit distorted due to time anomalies which are encoded to default and in the process of realignment; but the actual "system" itself is much like the educational system: You complete grade school/basic training; you continue into tween high, then teen high, then University or vocational training. Our incarnations here are mirrored. We come here to learn, dream, refine, experience and graduate.

   Another misunderstanding is the perception of what this "place" actually is. Some say it's hell or purgatory and that would be only partially true. This is one of the most dense palaces due to its frequency. In addition, our development as a species was hijacked and manipulated so as to inhibit our higher resonance, that would enable our spiritual comprehension over our less evolved ego self. That lower frequency of ego is what we are now in the process of overriding, so that we may expand up into our less dense 5D frequency. This enables a much greater receptivity to "all that is" and activates our inherent understanding of what multi-dimensionalism actually is, because you've been experiencing it in dribbles and drabs your entire life. You've had dreams of flying or breathing underwater; you have an affinity for vampires, mermaids, fairies, cats, bears, butterflies, dragonflies, places you've never been to yet yearn for deep within your soul...these all are symbolic connections to the evolutionary "production" we've all been a part of in each of our incarnations here. Including the many souls we call soul mates, with whom we continuously participate in this theater troupe with; each production of the story, the cast changes; we all know the play, we all know the parts and we all get a chance to play ALL characters. We experience "themes" that repeat themselves so as to reveal where we still lack refinement. This is generally a painful human process for it involves drama and darkness so deep as to propel one from the burning fire and into a glistening diamond, thus it is an alchemical process.

   Since we were a multi-racial, "good will" experiment (think bar scene in "Star Wars"), one intended to bridge the conflict between sparring planetary systems and in that, "planting of the garden" Garden of Eden", "Sowing the seeds of Love," meant the initiation of our D.N.A. here: Rhesus O Neg. blood type and we became a part of a new creation of humanity upon this planet. Although intervention by opposing forces worked diligently to reconstitute their own "vision" for this new race and it's purpose here and it was not to learn grow and evolve. It was one of enslavement. Enslavement to the lower senses, implemented through chemicals such as fluoride, to inhibit receptivity to higher mind and then distraction is perpetrated through media agendized towards debauchery.

   So to understand what we are up against here...the challenge is depicted so perfectly in "Lord of the Rings". The scene when Galadriel the elf Queen who appears as the epitome of goodness and light. Upon glancing at the ring she utters: "All shall love me and despair" as we see her dark and tyrannical ego self. Power, the ego sucks to unleash its ugliness. Hence it is the simple and pure of heart that can carry the light within; even through the darkest, most dense vibrations that this dimension we are in vibrates.

    Now you have this loop of hedonism, which serves our master not the Creator; continuously trapping mankind into a program of self destruction as oppose to evolution over the lower senses; respecting the Planet Gaia as our Mother Ship and thus our very sustenance to existence. We have forgotten what we know to be true.

   Multi-dimensionalism is merely the concept you experience in the part of your mind that is not leading in the conscious state.

   Now think "Monster's Inc."; in the closet, as kids, we experienced the: bleed through" of those multi-dimensional beings that would come to visit us. Angels, our dearly departed loved ones including animals, were also in attendance for many of us. Vampires are not only part of our evolutionary process; they bridge the dimensions, just as monsters of all description. Some of these dimensions are off planet portals and some are different chapters on Earth, some are the roles we played within that chapter (now go see "Cloud Atlas" and this makes perfect sense) these are our so called "past lives" however in reality they are simultaneous lifetimes.

   Paranormal investigation merely strives to document scientifically, this very truth. The existence and interfacing with multi-dimensional realities.

   At this moment in our human history we are literally at a cross roads, hybriding; splitting off from the lower frequency, as enough of us here upon the planet have shifted (hundredth monkey) so an adaptation is underway. The D.N.A. we were designed with has now reconstituted itself, much as a lizard can re-grow its tail, we are activating our triple helix D.N.A. strand and morphing into crystalline beings. Less carbon based and more toward a form of silicon based which leads me to the hologram.

   As we begin to open our mind to the concept of multi-dimensionalism we also make note of the correlation between a movie theater projection room; the design of the human eye and what is now a growing technological interface: the holographic human. Tu Pac can now be brought back to life, if only for a duet with Snoop Dog; a trade show holographic hostess; so many ways this technology can be used; this IS virtual reality!

   So where might this intersect with evolving from a carbon based life form to a silicon-based life form? I'd say, right about now...
    If you consider all the mediums that can "capture reality": photographs, movies...whether it be the old school celluloid or digital; we're talking silica, silicon, and silicone. The abundance of silicon in the Earth's crust is 925.1 to carbon and it is in abundance here on Earth, as well as other terrestrial planets. 
   Our planet is being chemically altered; adapting to the stress we've put upon it, as well as going through its evolutionary process within the cosmos. As Carl Sagan called us: "carbon chauvinists", carbon is the most stabilizing of "binders" whereas silicon, having many similar properties as carbon, has bonding issues due to being less dense; silicone being the more stable. It comes down to biochemistry. Consider that our skeletal system is silica based so perhaps we'll adapt by switching from carbon based outside/silicon based inside to silicon based outside/carbon-based inside?
   As the Earth changes so will the human change, even if this current civilization destroys itself, the D.N.A. will remain and start it's process all over again with that mutated D.N.A.

   So if our physical structure becomes silicon based and silicon is less dense than carbon, this makes sense. When we consider that our soul is energy, an electrical current that in turn, animates this "husk" that our physical bodies are, our explorer pods; what we're really talking about is a telecast...or "Frankenstein". It would now reason that our soul could transmit its frequency and animate a holographic version of the physical body we show up in. Remember when "Beam me up Scotty" would materialize and dematerialize the crew off ship onto planets and to other dimensions/periods in Earth's history?
   Our government is already using anti-matter devices covertly so this is no longer just in sci fi. Besides, I deduced long, long ago, that if a writer penned monsters or demons; if a film scenario exists; it's because somewhere in the dimensions, it does also exist and that writer or artist experienced it previously somewhere and yet consciously, it gets processed as a dream or vision; "I made it up".
   Point taken: yes, we ARE a co-creative species. This IS a Co-Creative Universe and We ARE the Architects of a New Reality!