Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12-12-12/12-21-12 Doorway: 144 Grid Matrix of Divine Love

   Until now, like batteries, we have operated as a dualistic electro-magnetic polarity charge: Positive and Negative. We have been misinformed as to the purpose of negativity; upon release, it instigates positive; enabling action. To complete this level and move into the 12th Ray of Christ Consciousness; the Golden Ray of the Age of Aquarius and the Golden Age of Crystalline Consciousness, we must release all kharmic debt to resonate with the state of non duality. We are now in activation of our triple helix D.N.A. 12 strand template, allowing us to enter the portal into the 144 Grid Matrix of Divine Love. Now we MUST take this opportunity to relieve kharmic debt by confronting and releasing it's negative charge, so as to align yourself with the path towards transcendence over the old grid of duality...Move into the "Triality" or trinity as it is also known. We seek not a rebirth for to become a perpetual child is not pro-active. Accepting the Cause and Effect of our choices allows this "free will" dimension to be a wonderful experiment toward Unity. To engage here responsibly and effectively, we must first understand what this place is and the time is now. This is where we now find ourselves as a species, at the doorway to all that is...our multiverse and freedom like we've never known before!

   Thought with Coherence is the Anchor; Love & Joy the reward; Forgiveness & Justice the final chapter in this collapsing 3D matrix grid.
"We are the Architects of a New Reality!"
I AM; OrangeRay xo

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