Sunday, March 10, 2013

Environmental Intolerance to Electromagnetic Fields

   IEI-EMF is a descriptive term for symptoms purportedly caused by exposure to electromagnetic frequencies. Other terms include electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS), electrohypersensitivity, electro-sensitivity, and electrical sensitivity.

   Herein lies the (real) danger: Be they cellphones, HAARP or CME's; the Electromagnetic frequencies that are now overriding our natural environment; present these physical symptoms: Headache, fatigue, rash, stress/anger, sleep disturbances, nausea, pain/ache muscles, diarrhea, lack of mental focus, body feels weighted, prickling/burning sensations from inside out...Sound familiar?
   The CME's or coronal mass ejections being hurled at us by our Sun, is a natural ocurring environmental process unfolding. Through this process, as a species, we are being sent our new "system requirements" which is necessary to enable our biochemistry it's evolutionary design. These new energies require adjustments until they are naturally integrated. However it's the inorganic or man made frequencies that are the most damaging and disruptive to this process and subsequently it's these "frequencies" that have been hijacked to induce and impart an agenda of enslavement through total control of the mind and breakdown of the body.
Thus disabling the "software upgrade" into a 5th Dimensional reality.

   Because of these man made frequencies, our precious pollinating Bee's, who are ESSENTIAL to our survival, are dying off at alarming rates. In addition to keeping the food chain operating, the products derived of the Bee are some of the most nourishing and healing available. Honey is an anti bacterial; bee pollen is an energizer, good for skin, muscles, hair, immune system; bee venom has been found to cure HIV.
You could live on a few spoons of honey a day if needed.

   Our bodies, our minds, the environment cannot take this degree of disharmony within our environmental frequencies; our "progress" is killing everything!

   Further more, our youngest adults are so addicted to their "smart phones" that between the brainwashing being done and the brain cells being destroyed, our future American capitalistic/narcissistic society has been insured to be good slaves.

Remember during solar flares to drink lots of water and take some papaya enzymes, this will help ground your energy:)
 Think for Yourself, don't let others do that for you!
"We are the Architects of a New Reality!"

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