Thursday, July 2, 2015

Somewhere, over the Rainbow or the "man" behind the Ozzzzz Machine

 Still reeling from the Charleston false flag, which was on the heels of two other huge distractions: a buildup of racial tension through a series of ongoing psy-op events and the transgendering of Caitlyn Jenner former Olympic hero and sports icon; we have been besieged by an onslaught of energy which is aimed at division, disguised as unity.
The Charleston event whispered back to the ancestral roots of the American Civil War…not even to racism or the intention behind the confederate flag itself but to the legality of a constitution drafted by slave owners.

During all of which, the NWO cabal, was able to fast track the Trans Pacific Partnership behind the not so disguised Trade Promotion Authority and yet another Trade Assistance Authority; presented and passed, without the disclosure of the bill’s full contents. Originally rejected by both Dems and Rep, yet while the MSM (mainstream media) announced the Supreme Court’s decision regarding gay marriage, the vote on the TPA was taken and essentially, as a result, we were stripped of our human rights, because THAT was the distraction. Then, as everyone is cheering for one human right being given, rights like a living wage, job creation, trade; all go the way of other Third World countries; all you have to do is look at the Chinese worker to know where this is headed.

Corporate control, government control, propaganda aimed at the children; rewriting history…sounds like all the energy being put into false flags is for the terrorizing effect, that will herd the sheep into the corral for???
We are in the midst of the 81st anniversary of Hitler’s “Night of long knives” aka Operation hummingbird; during which Hitler surprised his political opponents by “purging” them. During the night, they were all murdered.

 Also upon us: the Jupiter/Venus alignment which represents a “marriage” (gay marriage): Jupiter (Zeus/Ra/Jesus) marries Venus/Lucifer/Androgynous. Then by invoking the “rainbow” you pull in the universal rainbow energy of Gays, Christians, Hopi, Starseeds etc. In the rainbow depicted at the NWO’s Denver Airport, the rainbow is upside down, which makes sense as ALL NOW, IS INVERTED. If it says one thing, it MEANS or represents something entirely different and if we follow the rainbow prism of the lower 7 chakras: with the color red at the crown, puts a cap on enlightenment.   (Thank you Missy Hill for this link xo) Thank you Diane Francis for the below pix:


This is yet another attack on the Divine Mother in an effort to diminish her growing empowerment. Women can be replaced by gay and transgendered men. Boutique babies can satisfy demand.
Just as the TPP, essentially, represents the same diminishing quality of the original prototype. The two issues mirror each other perfectly: the authenticity; not cloned, biologically human….NOT transhuman!
On one hand, we are global but to stay rooted in identity, authenticity and self-sufficiency, we must remain rooted in local community. Why send our live chickens to China for them to be slaughter, packaged and sent back to us? Without FDA regulations?  Such as those are, when you have corporations like Monsanto sending their attorney to head up the FDA to prevent the regulation of GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) into our food stream.
 Inauthentic food; inauthentic human template.
This comes down to a hijacking of mind and body from our original 12 strand crystalline/angelic DNA blueprint. They are hijacking our organic evolution for their inorganic agenda.

After WW2, the American government brought the Nazi scientists over to the U.S. to learn about their mind control program which they then adopted and implemented on the American people.
Mkultra, Monarch, Project Camelot & Blue Beam Darpa, NSA, nano-technology, implants, and on.
The film and music industry, along with the industrial military complex, and the heavily regulated mental health department, work together to control the mind of the American people. Using this along with frequency technology; they even changed the music signature from 432hz to the subliminally disharmonic  440hz.

Low frequency pulses are pumped out through your computer, your television, your “smart” phone, your “smart” meter…invert that. Why is a chemical company like Monsanto, in charge of food production? Do you know the research on gmo’s? They have altered and weakened our biological bodies. In fish, they reverted to being asexual. We are not being allowed to evolve through our natural photosynthesis as intended but instead via DNA erosion. Also by targeting our nutritional intake, they control our minds. Then when you get sick, “you” support  their doctors, who support  their pharma industry; when “you” mentally lose it, you support  their mental health systems and perhaps, ”you” end up in their prison systems.
After decades of refinement, these programs have succeeded on the masses; those of us who are awake, know that all too well. We also live inside a prison called the matrix. It is invisible and when you are no longer distracted, you may see it, because it is there.

Another thing the rainbow represents is HOPE; “gold” at the end of the rainbow. Gold, the universal commodity. So with the injection of the rainbow, they tap into our open chakras to harvest energy (power up) their rituals against Divine Mother and the humans; we then willingly hand over the key, and once again, they use us against us.
I did not just wake up two years ago, or five years ago…I never went to sleep! I came here to be here for humanity. I don’t want for my life to have meant nothing. I don’t want believe that all my personal sacrifices were for nothing. I will NEVER give up on you, my beloved humanity! You are like the lost puppy, the abandoned kitten, the beautiful flowers: trusting, in need and unique. I love you all, even when my heart breaks at your poor choices. I know, you’ve been abused. I know you had your memories stripped from you; I know you were once loved and now you are only lied to. I will love you always; it hurts so to watch you grow but I know, that you know….there is no Santa Claus…and with Independence Day upon us, is it “better to die on your feet or to live on your knees”? ("Power & Passion" Midnight Oil).

Stay rooted in a local community, sustainability and bartering.
Support the rainbow without consenting to the agenda: support with mind and spirit...don't consent to having your heart chakra energy out sourced and used against you!
Remain authentically human; evolve organically xo

shaman/gridkeeper Wendi






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