Friday, July 3, 2015

What Are We Gonna Do Now?


We are in a simulated reality being manipulated in a Petri dish by a cold blooded species. Since birth, they have tracked us through our blood type and your personal barcode aka your social security card. (Hunger Games/Divergent/Heroes)
What do you do once awake?
Find a support group or even a few people who can help you validate your experience. Be prepared to distance yourself from the sleepy heads. Some can still awaken but not all of us are humans and the ones who are, have a mixture of reptilian and crystalline. Some humans may not have enough crystalline DNA and they will be unable to see what the others can see. There will be losses; your goal is to not be one of them.

First, I want to remind everyone that WE ARE IN NEW TERRITORY!  So, as problem solvers, we must make it up as we go. Our experience with the paranormal is increased, don’t let that scare you.
Example: I use to use a homemade Ouija board and was in a small group of 4 using it when we were approached by an angry spirit who said some really scary things to us. One in the group nearly lost it (a man…lol). In the end, it turned out to be an 8 year old boy who had passed suddenly in a car accident and was bored so he liked to “scare” people. Which is not to say there are not demons and real evil because I have encountered that too, more than twice, but I have encountered more spirits who were just hanging out, so don’t abandon yourself to fear, because 9 times out of 10, you just don’t need to!

What do the overlords want? Our compliance in our servitude to service them.
While you may believe you have rights and are free, remember, this is a duality dimension. Contracts such as the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution are being threatened by all the lawyers in the White House. We only need glance back to the Nazi regime, to see the map of the climate we now find ourselves in.
The thing to ask yourself is: how centered am I? Simple question, right?
What is being centered? Being centered is grounding your energy in your truth.
What is truth? Truth is that we are in a freewill system so all action is fluid and being a dualistic system, for every action, there is a reaction.
Group Planetary Healings & Meditations are, in my opinion, what is keeping us on our organic evolutionary path. Timeline alterations reflect their potency.
When they attempt to ramp the fear up…simply call it out! You then shine the light into that corner and events alter. You MUST not add to the fear, merely identify the treat so the energy can be dispersed.

Just because you find yourself in an exclusive club, try not to become a tool for the archons by fueling the ego to fill up on what has been a dormant domain. Meaning, if you are awake then generally you will go through a series of ego alterations while trying to assimilate feelings of anger, joy, vindication and depression to name a few. It’s easy to feel smarter than those who are asleep and we need to remember, that is not necessarily the case. A balanced ego is ALL we can accept at this time so work out those rough edges so you can retain your maximum output.
The question isn’t “how accurate am I”…meaning me telling you this, but how discerning are you?Can you read subtext accurately? Are you able to control your mind and emotions? Can you direct manifestation energy with your heart and mind? These are the qualities needed for spiritual warfare. Another thing to ask yourself, and this is very personal: Am I a teacher, a healer, a priest, an artisan, a protector, a recordkeeper, a gridkeeper, a sage, or a councilor? You can be mixtures of these, but it is through these archetypes, our oversoul is commissioned and given our assignments. So it is through these filters that we must shine our light from.

Once we have united with our oversoul, which is who your soul is, not this avatar you show up here as; you begin to have a different relationship with this density. Remember "The Matrix"!
Once outside the system you can begin to see its functionality.

For now we must stay balanced, not polarized as that plays into the duality game.
Straddle two paths. Manifest your highest potential; do what you love:
                                     We are the Architects of a New Reality!”

Let go of meat if you can. Drink lots of water for electrical conductivity. No GMO’s; Silica supplements; disconnect the cable tv…literally, get rid of the frequencies! No Smart meter! Pay the few $ extra to not have it, tell them it makes you ill! 10 min. of indirect sunlight each day; orgones and crystals to mitigate/absorb low frequency energy that is directed or indirectly directed; essential oils, meditate, smudge your property and environment, sound bathe, dance, sing, spend as much time in nature and with our animal spirits. Learn to be still; learn how to see, learn how to hear…by listening to the benevolent voice within…tone with: ”HU”
Scott Lemriel said it when he expressed his reluctance to come out with his material, as was I. He pointed out that “nothing has happened to him”and I agree! Sure we all experience the distortions, interference and energy drain, but I know for myself, it could be worse, because it has been worse, so I know it’s about integration…integrating all the information coming in and making adjustments to continue to be in alignment with the assignment. Integrate the higher frequencies and filter out the lower ones. Replace the archonic static that is being pumped in; that wants to flood your mind with your own fears so that you focus on the fears and not the override which is “love”. What is love? Love is a state of eternal bliss; it is not about another person or pleasure.

You can also convert anger into energy that ignites the passion of commitment to light and service.

I had been a young gung ho…gonna rip the illusion off this facade…punk rocker in 78, and spent 30 years in the trenches of Hollyweird…only to realize…how naïve I was in spite of my worldiness…lol!
“Little Miss September” meets Baal and Baphomet! Fighting them directly was much pain and torture; was it worth it…absolutely, because I came into this game to help others out of it. That is my role here. I don’t know YOUR role here. Sure, we could do energy work and I can help you unravel your story. Do energy removal and chakra clearing, but it is up to you to maintain it. It is your story to be remembered; do akashic record work! It took years to understand what I know and I am not a patient person, so I get that you want to know everything NOW! We are INDIVIDUALS, NOT clones or replicates. Your flower blossoms different from my blossom, both beautiful and unique! Fly your galactic signature suit; let your “freak” ….show. They want you to disassociate and fragment you so they can transform you into transhuman but we are here to integrate and become whole so we may transmute as our evolutionary process intended.


As Missy Hill reminds us, “we need to hold onto our bodies for as long as we can until we are enabled to let go of them”, meaning, as we elevate our awareness and consciousness, our bodies are becoming less compatible with our circuitry upgrades, equally so, the planet is also going through purges and upgrades. We mirror this with her. I don’t think we’ll have to wonder anymore, when that time is, as I believe it will be fairly obvious. When Earth reaches her ascension point, we will experience what is known as “3 days of darkness”. ("Melancholia")
When she experiences her shift, we will experience a surge in the electrical field. We will lose power and experience a gravity adjustment in which the energy will be so heavy; we will only be able to sleep until it is over. This is why we must “lighten” our load ahead of this moment so we can move through the glitch as oppose to “blowing a fuse”.
Prepare your mind, let go of low frequency drama; surround yourself in light and do not fear the dark.

Find the Center xo
shaman Wendi

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