Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lemuria or Atlantis?



 I can remember it like it was yesterday…we tried so hard to warn the children of Atlantis; they would have none of it! Called the elders obsolete, as they embraced technology.

They could alter their body; they had advanced weapons; they also played with weather modification toys and messed with dimensional portals, much as we see today.

It was a feverish fight in the end. As we became more adamant, they became more aggressive as THEY WOULD HAVE THEIR WAY! They were our children but they were self-indulgent when it came to their creations; they wanted to live forever…but all they did was destroy it all.

I see this playing out again.

In the early years of this incarnation, I had many memories still intact. I could remember what it felt like to fly, and to breathe underwater; nothing more amazing than your lungs filling up with water as I inhaled and exhaled the life force of water. I remember moving my body in the water with the fluid ripple of my mer- tail.

I cried with deep reunion upon my first encounter with a dolphin in this reality…I ached to be swimming with them.

 I remembered constantly, that there was a mission here. I would contemplate it day in and day out: Concerned about nature, concerned about resources, concerned about racism; concerned about war & hate. This place was an experiment; we were in a test tube; this was the real hell. I was 4.
Around this time I began having inter-dimensional experiences while I was being sexually, ritually abused by babysitters (a married couple). 
A vampire from the Lucifer Rebellion group, took a liking to me and invited me to play with his “son” in his “room”, which I did whenever the sexual abuse took place (this was his way of protecting me).  His group was fighting the Saturnian's chokehold on this dimension and took me under their “wings”. They have always been there to protect me, much as the most high Gabriel has, as well as my spirit guide Zeus and my master guide Cynthia, who is still with me today as my psychic surgeon. We each have 7 guides: Arch Angel, Spirit guide, Master guide,; also an Angel guide: Michael, teacher: Ruisa, protector: Randall, and healer: Joseph...are mine.

My guides, they’ve always raised me up. In some of my darkest moments, it was they who sent me help in the form of crystals, or gasoline in my car. They’ve rescued one of my kittens and one of my rabbits.
 I have "experienced" these things, so I do not fear diversity or a negative polarity.

Food was never comfortable here for me, and the sleep patterns confused me but nothing confused me more than sitting in a church. Screaming from my head would come: God doesn’t need you to come inside, he is outside in nature; he cares not about money because he does not need money.  My cousins all made their first communion as my mother and father had once done….but not me. I was not going to let that happen…I was 5 years old.
Time spent growing up in Hawaii, Los Angeles and Washington State brought me many of my soul’s puzzle pieces.
I loved everyone and was known for being a little adult. I had no kids to play with, so it was either adults I spent time with or I played alone with my inter-dimensional friends.
The feeling within me, about the fate of this planet, has been a non-stop PTSD since I got here.

My entire life dedicated to waking people up as I was encoded to do.
I remember when both Kennedy’s and Dr. King were killed; I remember Kent State; I was so young but I knew I wanted to get out there and protest. I remember the Manson killings and being warned of things to come. I remember fighting against the Regan/Bush drug cartel…so close to the nuke then, it was breathing down our necks….but they gave the people credit cards, and everyone “went to town”.

Society took the bribe and the game was on; the choice made.
The Lemurian indigos were making a breakthrough in the collective consciousness going into the 90’s. We found a voice in Cobain, and once again, our message was silenced. All the momentum thwarted and back to sleep everyone went. Not me, it was like swimming up a raging river. 

Tumbling towards refinement I went…”You cannot be told what the matrix is, you MUST experience it for yourselves; there can be no other way”.

The Lemurians were the original prototype; the Atlantians were the result of the hijacked DNA…more reptilian influenced; Orion, Sirian, and Pleidean  influenced vs. the Andromedan, Cygnus, and Lyran influences of the first race.

I remember Dr. Guy McPherson from Lemuria and several others, who were also advocates for the Planet.
We all have these soul memories, buried like cellular memory; to remind us “who we are” and our soul’s purpose….what is the mission here; who are you in this never ending virtual reality?

There is no right or wrong, merely choices that lead us down certain trajectories.

“There is nothing to fear but fear itself”…indeed; but there is a need to make empowered choices as we are the architects of a new reality. To exist in 5d, you cannot be polarized in the light; you are to be balanced and integrated, so if you still have work to do, by all means, identify your fears and work them out! We need the strongest anchors at this time. When you are centered in truth, you cannot be aggravated by what others think or say about you or about anything, perhaps a bit hurt or frustrated  but only as a passing emotion. This place is only personal if you make it personal, otherwise, it’s just a machine in motion; emotion is the quotient.
We are coming up to the next stage; things will accelerate from here.  Pick your battles; stand up for what is righteous! These are our past lessons; we cannot be complicit in our own demise; we came here to evolve and that is what we shall do! Be brave, it is only the game; we are multi-dimensional beings; our essence will never be extinguished; transmutation will always unfold.


shaman Wendi


  1. Hey Wendi,

    This is a great post. Thanks for sharing your experience dear lightbeing.
    I have something important to tell you and to ask you as well.
    I was asked to tell you this during meditation (I don't know why). I will mail you soon.
    Take care of yourself and keep spreading love & light.

    P.S: Hope you remember me. :p

  2. Dear are always remembered and loved dearly xo I anxiously look forward to the message you have for me...I need the encouragement right about now xox Hope you are well and thriving xo