Saturday, June 4, 2011

Deconstructing the Ego

People quite often misunderstand the true purpose of our ego-self. The ego-self is the "protector" of the castle. Ego can talk, charm, command, control...whatever it needs to do to protect our subconscious from pain. Be it emotional or mental, the ego is the last man down; the ego is a survivalist; the ego is best friends with denial and they 'hole-up" in our head's and play a game of poker. It doesn't matter if our higher-self desperately wants to breakthrough, the ego is in charge and he ain't going anywhere!
Deconstructing the ego is a vital componant to "overiding the program" and an essential aspect toward achieving a higher vibration. By "higher vibration" I mean, operating at a more aware, responsible and compassionate mode of conduct. Now, remember, we are literally "re-training" our minds...the original "software" is waayyyy out dated and so we must "uninstall" the old programs and upload the compatible software that allows us to be co-creators in our own reality and the collective reality!
We are the Architects of a New Reality! xo


  1. i've found that i didn't used to 'love' or even 'like' my ego... and now we've learned to work as ONE...
    Everything is so simple since then.

  2. Awesome derbeader! Now that's what I'm talking about!:)