Monday, June 6, 2011


No matter how you frame it: "kharma, reap what you sow, cause=effect"...Self-Responsibilty is the cornerstone in a "free will" system. Without self-responsibilty, we collapse into the lie the ego tells us..."we" are special and too busy with very important things to bother being in awareness with how are actions effect the world around us. Corruption both in the banking system and politics is being rooted out and put upon the public stage for this sacred illustration in the mechanations of not just denial but full blown sciopathic behavior. Be it Bernie Madoff,  the Casey Anthony tot-mom case, John Edwards affair, Arnold's "love child", Weiner, the Gulf oil spill, the poorly constructed nuclear plants and their meltdowns or the endlessly non-sensical, reality bending gymnastics of Sarah Palin. We are in the throes of a huge leap in our collective consciousness and we are being directed to the higher vibration of accountabilty and onto a more purposeful path!
This is Instant Kharma!

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