Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Elenin: Brown Dwarf Planet

Elenin was first mentioned in the Movie Deep Impact back in the late 90's. We can see by Nasa's lousy cut & paste jobs on skynet/google sky, they've been censoring info on this ELE event. Elenin is addressed sometimes as Ele or Elle as it was in Deep Impact; However it's no coincidence that ELE is the working abbreviation for "extinction level event".

Let me start by saying that my intention is not to scare anyone but to inform and educate whoever maybe interested in what is REALLY going on. This is backed by scientific and prophesied events.

Edgar Cayce spoke of Wormwood, Nostradamus expressed this:
Quatrain II.46
After great misery for mankind an even greater one approaches, when the great cycle of the centuries is renewed. It will rain blood, milk, famine, war and disease. In the sky will be seen a fire, dragging a tail of sparks.

Mayans spoke of Niribu and it's commonly known as Planet X.

Nasa refers to Elenin as a Comet yet it cannot be seen and what can be seen is as a dark sphere and only visible when light reflects off things around it so it can be illuminated. This then is what is scientifically known as a brown dwarf planet /star. When it has been viewed, it is gigantic much larger than Jupiter.

This is the scenario. As Ele continues it's orbit from the backside of the sun, to eventually move between us and the sun by Sept. 26/27, 2011 which is when it will be at it's closest proximity, it will have a DIRECT EFFECT on Planet Earth=US.(Within days of it showing up on our ecliptic in May, Earth responded with the Japan EQ.) Rumors have it hitting us...not true, however scientists surmise one of two probabilities:

1.) With the weakened state of our magnetosphere, it may pull us into it's gravitational pull and attempt to make us one of it's moons...not good.

2.) Imagine Earth as a top with our axis tilted, Ele moves past and pulls us over and we flip on our axis and then (at some point) we flip back....not very good either.

The reason you are unaware this is happening, is because there is a complex campaign going on to keep this from the public. Why? Because society would most likely meltdown. Totally understandable but that is why with the joining of forces, committed global citizens are not only uncovering the truth but trying to let others know so they may prepare in what ever way each feels inclined. Unlike the Bible scenario of Armageddon and the Rapture, it makes perfect sense that this is what was being reflected...this event. Hopi's said to look for the "Blue and Red Kachina's" in Leo from Sirius. It has been said that Jesus was a Starseed from Sirius and there is the reference of the "second coming of Christ". Christ comes from the latin word "cristos" which is light. Jesus was of the light expressing "christ light/energy". He wasn't: Jesus first name, Christ last name. So then if we have "Christ" from Sirius and the Blue Kachina (which means spirit; sacred dancer) it appears metaphorically that the second coming of Christ is when this Blue Kachina appears and illuminates humanity on all levels.

This is an exciting time to be alive and a part of humanity's vibrational "upgrade". Dormant DNA has been activated and we are entering the Golden Age of Enlightenment. A fifth density vibrational frequency is where we are shifting and this is it. Be brave and DO NOT allow fear of the unknown to creep into your psyche! Try to be in love and peace. Try to reach out with those whom you've shared conflict. Amidst it all, we can be leaders, lovers, heroes and healers. Sing songs, help others to process shock, assist all you can. Events will accelerate as we lead up and disclosure will eventually take place. Until it is common knowledge, live a purposeful life, in the moment and sharing of yourself from a soul level.

Below is a link where there are some of the best links to info in reference to this event.

I encourage you to research it yourself  BUT use DISCERNMENT!
You Tube it or Google it...the truth is out there and it's coming fast!

We are the Architects of a New Reality!

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