Wednesday, November 28, 2018

What in the *BLEEP* is Going On? Aka: The Evolution of Humanity via Polarity/Paradigm Shift.

I'm going to tell you a story; a story about the truth of humanity.
I came here with this knowledge, as it is within all of us...

What I wish to share, is for your own piece of mind, for if you are awake, you will have already figured a few things out for yourself.
This puts you in a dangerous position in today's rampant assault on information, and the battle for your mind. Imagine you've found yourself inside a Labyrinth, everything is upside down; turned around; you must courageously use your own instincts to decide, how to get out...
There are many trap doors, so pay attention to the details and step back to see what is right in front of you!
As an Elder, it is my duty to share what I know...

                     Atlantis and Lemuria are within us; we are them!
Lemuria was the original organic civilization from which humanity arose. 
The Atlantians who were the offspring of the Lemurians; embraced technology (digital frequencies, GMO's, 5G, AI, Transhumanism), rejecting the "old ways"(Organic, pure, analog wave patterns; as archaic.
They pushed, and pushed into extreme inorganic territory, as the Lemurians struggled to get them to
listen to their warning of imbalance. In response, the Atlantians targeted Lemuria with energy weapons and accidentally destroyed it, and in turn, destabilized the entire "planet"; destroying both civilizations.

We are multidimensional beings, who, for whatever reason; were brought to this "experimental project" called Earth/Terra/Velatropa 24.3(9): “The Velatropa sector, or experimental zone, is also known as the realm of the “lost worlds.”The different errors or karmic residue of errors of the free will zone have been deposited at the center of the Velatropa (V.) sector.”  Galactic History 

 Mars was known as Velatropa 24(6):
"A galactic way station—was established on Velatropa 24.4, otherwise known as Mars. At that time V.24.4 was in a high warm cycle with abundant atmosphere, oceans, rivers and verdant land masses. The Martian colony represented the first major Arcturian experiment outside of the native star system. Needless to say, the means of reaching Mars as well as the manner in which life was propagated there were far in advance of anything that most of us on Earth can yet dream of. Suffice it to say that Mars was deemed a suitable experimental site precisely because, aside from vegetation and microorganisms, there were virtually no advanced life forms native to the planet. The implanting of higher life forms was a carefully considered task: first, to get proper readouts on the planet’s atmosphere—its consistency, chemical composition, and suitability for congenial, harmonic life experiences. Then, to select genetic models capable of swift advancement so that a process that sometimes takes several billion years could be encapsulated in a formula that would unroll in a mere thirty to forty thousand years." Mayan Galactic History 
Note: "V" aka 5 which is the number assigned to humanity and "fear" in the Kabbalah.

                                 Polarity, Duality, and Multidimensional Neutrality
By altering our D.N.A., they were able to create a dualistic society that would be in essence, neutered into being capable of vibrating at such a low frequency of consciousness; and thus subsequently suitable for the lower vibration of the "construct" itself.
Based on a polarity system not unlike how a battery functions in a vehicle; the dualistic polarity system was created to contain our Source Energy/Soul within the avatar vehicle (the human body).

We are now in a process of evolution, along with the evolution of the planet itself, which appear as "operating system" upgrades via the activation of our D.N.A. by the Solar and Cosmic Wave enhancements. 

Because everything is in the process of  morphing/transforming; all prior "systems" of everything connected to humanity, must be dismantled.
Not everyone will be able to stabilize through this process of transmutation, either mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually. This is a time for all to go within.

Most of those of us who have been on the cutting edge of this paradigm shift, have been hit with the "dismantling" aspects of our lives for some time. One of the reasons I have not posted here in so long is due to my own 11 year process of dismantling which culminated this month on 11/11.
Not surprising as 11 is the representation of the pillars of our dualistic reality, based on poles of polarity. The planet has poles: North/South, and humans have poles: feminine and masculine....both of which is mirror each other.

                                          Mandala Effect and Multiple Timelines
Where we now find ourselves as a collective; at this intersection of instant manifestation; is that we have lost "ourselves" within the simulation/labyrinth, thus we lost our perceived "freedom".
I'm not sure we were ever "free"; I do know we have been deceived, and yet, each must see this for themselves; you cannot be forced. For each choice you make, a timeline is created, much in the same way you might open multiple tabs on your computers. You can only open so many tabs before you create a glitch in the system. To unglitch the O.S. system, you must go back and close out all the tabs you left opened.
12/21/12 the Velatropa 24.3 project officially completed, moving into next phase of collapsing timelines in an effort to close out this program: 666 (6 protons, 6 electrons, neutrons) to begin the next: 616 (6 protons, 1 neutron, 6 electrons) this is our "light body" holographic, multi-dimensional avatar/vehicle/body.
If you notice, we are headed back to Velatropa 24 (Mars); all travel can be done now, from within, telepathically. Worm holes, black holes, portals...they can be accessed from within when you ascend your consciousness beyond the frequency net.

                                                   Dismantling of the Paradigm
So this is where this virtual reality takes it's leap; but before we can build, there must be a purge...Dark Night of the Soul or as the Hindu's refer to it: Kali Yuga: "The final age lasts only one tenth of the cycle, however, that is certainly long enough as it is the age of darkness and ignorance. People slide further down the path of dishonesty, with virtue being of little value. Passions become uncontrollable as unrestrained sexual indulgences and manipulations run through society. Liars and hypocrites rise. Important knowledge is lost and scriptures become less and less common. The human diet is now ‘dirty’, and people are not even close to being as powerful as their ancestors in the Satya Yuga. Likewise, the once pristine environment is now polluted. Water and food become scarce, as do family bonds." Kali Yuga 

This is what we are now witnessing; it can only stop when all are able to go within and self heal by balancing their polarities.

                                                        Unity vs. Division
As long as we are polarized; whether it's via race, religion, gender, sexual preference, age, or class; we will be unable to step into the New Earth. 
All of the aforementioned, are polarizing by nature, when you are only viewing them through a dualistic lense.  The beauty of the very essence of our existence, is bringing our own unique soul signature here to be shared. That soul signature is everything; as we are the creators, we choose how we wish to express our inner landscapes. When over-polarized, we become out of sync with all of creation. Being overly positive can be as destructive as overly negative. The vital aspect each must remember, is that we are the illustrators, and so if we are over polarized in either direction, we are creating more stagnation in the flow of the operating system until we experience a crash.
We must move beyond the mirroring, as this is a tool but can ultimately become a self enforcing feedback loop. Remember, we are all in this together! Compassion is vital just as discernment is!
That includes who you open yourself up to, or extend yourself to. 
Stay clear of energy parasites, and predators, even if they are your "family". 
Be prepared to let go of can still "love" them; do not be a crutch that enables the virus.

                                   Over coming our Cognitive Dissonance
"Cognitive dissonance can occur in many areas of life, but it is particularly evident in situations where an individual's behavior conflicts with beliefs that are integral to his or her self-identity. A common example of cognitive dissonance occurs in the purchasing decisions we make on a regular basis. Consider a situation in which a man who places a value on being environmentally responsible just purchased a new car that he later discovers does not get great gas mileage."
When people suffer from cognitive dissonance, they merely display Stockholm syndrome; working against their own best interests, and the well being of all of society.
Truth be told, we are the future AND the past; we ARE our Ancestors...literally!
There are only so many souls here, the rest are replicants, clones, AI, and holograms.
We have recycled here as part of this program, and now it's time to upgrade.
The "theater" has allowed you the opportunity to expand your consciousness; now is the time to contemplate, rejuvenate, recalibrate; stay fluid so you are more able to flow through the turbulence.
To counterbalance, stay in "realtime", with neutrality at our core, communicate truth clearly, as truth is considered the new "hate speech"; be prepared for any dramatic changes that are to occur. Stay out of the way, and allow the alchemical peroxide to purify the wounded.

shaman Wendi Morrison CCT

                                    We are Pioneers, of a New Frontier....
"We Are the Architects of a New Reality!"


  1. Beautifully written, healing to read. Thank you Wendi 💖

  2. xoxo growing pains xoxo it'll be alright...I promise xo