Saturday, January 12, 2019

The Struggle for Sacred Union

I was born at the end of the Summer of 1960 to a 17 year mother who in turn was divorced by 19.
"We" grew up in Hollywood; my mother worked for Proctor & Gamble, and then, at Desilu Studios.
My mother was so beautiful, and stylish; she was 5'9 and looked like a model.
My mother (with me in tow) was an (unknowing) beta participant in the CIA's MK Ultra program of mind control for the purpose of social engineering, which was rolled out throughout the 60's.
Project Monarch created "sex kittens" among several of it's prototypes; this in the CIA's effort to begin the erosion of the male-female dynamic of empowerment.

What I mean by this is, that the male and female components are interconnected "parts", to a larger operating component. Everything is an Energetic Singularity, with 2 halves or parts. For example, as with a car battery, you have the black/negative/female cable, that works with the red/positive/male cable; the two must work together to enable the battery to produce it's function.
Within all, lie the anima, and animus; left brain/right brain. This is the fundamental template that empowers to it's optimum; this avatar body, that our light body spirit inhabits, and operates. A key functionality within this metabolic balance, is the codex to enable the continuation of the human species.

By disrupting the harmonious, organic balance of creation, those who wished to alter the future, found a way to engineer the societal consciousness into it's own submission to an enemy combatant from within. Throughout the 60's women were being mass programmed to reject their essence, to defile their sacred sexuality, and to drive a divisive wedge between the sexes, in an effort to neuter the   essence of the masculine.
With the rise of pornography, another dimension of this same CIA program; men were trained to become more desensitized to women as human beings; and with the immersion of men into this world, they began to lose connection to not only emotional intimacy, but ultimately, the organic sexual stimulation one experiences, with a "beloved". 

Equally in step with this process, we saw the family unit breakdown; single mothers were raising young men on their own, which created mothers who all too often placed their own emotional burdens on these boys who in turn, rebel from the essence of emotional intimacy in their adult lives.
Women were taught they were in "competition" with men, and so another psychological division was created through oppression of equality/inequality. By reinforcing the legislation that was divisive, rather than creating a balanced partnership, the war of the sexes was ignited, and this program "model" was duplicated, and implemented in every race community, in addition to gender, and religon.
These programs were designed to tear us apart at the seams!

Now, nearly 60 years later, WE ARE SUFFERING!
Families are nearly nonexistent; women demonizing men, men demonizing women, or, men who are so neutered having been raised by single mothers, that they are subservient, submissive lap dogs. "Men", conduct themselves like teenage boys; lacking in discernment; unable to embody emotional strength, depth, or awareness. Both acting out roles of victims, yet blaming the wrong source.
Unless people are willing to go inside the program, and see it's control over your reality for what it is...A MIND CONTROL PROGRAM FOR THE SOCIAL ENGINEERING OF THE HUMAN SPECIES IN AN EFFORT TO CONTROL, HARVEST, AND DESTROY HUMANITY...
then you must understand, that YOU are a zombie controlled puppet suffering from Stockholm syndrome.

For Humanity to override the duality matrix it has been entrapped within, we must integrate our polarities, meaning we must enable the upgrade to our D.N.A. template.  However, for that to happen, one must "wake up" and override the cognitive dissonance to what every human with a soul, knows to be true...We have been enslaved by a "system"; the only way to empower your way out, is to achieve neutrality within this duality. What one resist's persists; swing left, swing right and then find the middle. This 3D reality will collapse as soon as we step out of the matrix and into our original, crystalline, 12 strand D.N.A. Step out of the compartmentalized hijacked chakra system, and into the balance of the Trinity of heart, mind, and singularity/solar plexus, which is powered by the integration of the yin/yang; male/female; dark/light; good/bad; black/white; anima/animus; left/right; which in turn opens up from within; a multi-dimensional platform vs. a compressed dualistic one.

The New Age community was also targeted by the CIA, which is why the "left" in our so called modern society has seemingly lost it's connection to Source/Christ Consciousness; and why the "right" has a much better grip on waking up; even though the Christians have also been targeted, they have had an easier time of maintaining themselves as a community, because of their connection to Source/Christ Consciousness.
These are issues the Starseed community has been working on, the integration of duality.

Ultimately, for the Sacred Union to emerge, we must embrace our Sacred Feminine, We must embrace our Sacred Masculine, and come to terms with these aspects within us, for their integration, to be reflected out into this Co-Created, Holographic Universe.
It is an amazing time to be alive, we have a tremendous responsibility to humanity and this planet; we are the Architects of a New Reality, and the Future is in OUR hands!

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