Sunday, September 10, 2017

Chakras as an Energy System

                                    Spirit on Matter

Much of the information we have been given through the hijacked new age community, was done so to feed disinformation into the stream, to pollute our organic evolutionary process.

One of which is the true functionality of our chakra system, which is, in essence, our energy center.
The 7 spinning charka system was a reptilian overlay, which disconnected, isolated and thus enabled targeting of individual aspects of the energy system itself.

Our Energy System is broken into 3 centers that overlay each other and work together: "as so above, so below", and the "singularity" is you!

Chakras 1-3 function as one unit to inhabit "matter", serves to ground the energy base; 3-5 function as Core Singularity. This is where your power base (solar plexus) meets ignition (heart), uniting with Pineal Gland/Throat, which is the Projector/Catalyst for the VR.
Chakras 5-7 receive the output information connected to Source.

Once you reconfigure how the system operates together, you will enhance your co-creative functionality.

Many Blessings~
shaman Wendi

                      We Are the Architects of a New Reality!

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