Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Leaving 3D: Full Moon in Leo/Ego, in the 12th House of the Hidden Mind

On January 27th we move into the New Moon in Aquarius. This IS the "door" into 5D, however, to enter, we must lance and purify our "wounds".
 We have Mars in it's own fire sign Aries, with Jupiter, the planet of expansion in opposition to Uranus which rules Aquarius.
This restriction, will only add a layer of ridgidity where our belief systems lies. We can choose to be combustible or we can embrace the alchemical process before us.
We also have a unique moon alignment effecting our emotional body, that supports our desire to transform through personal responsibility.
As we approach the February 10th Full Moon in Leo in the 12th house of the unconscious, hidden, unseen and multi-dimensional; we are reaching a critical mass of mirroring the glass ceiling effect. Thus giving us the opportunity to bring to the surface all the toxins we have negated in our lives.
As long as we are unwilling or unable to look into the mirror, and see how resonating with our collective victimization, is creating an entitlement, within a political correctness; that locks society in a perpetual victim bubble. We will continue to remain polarized by this unconscious behavior, and in lock step with the polarity of victimization. 
In fact I see victims now victimizing others; this is the swing of the pendulum, which duality struggles to progress beyond...finding the balance.

When we hit the glass ceiling and believe we are righteous in perceptions of reality, please know, that you are only at the halfway point. If you are unwilling to look in that mirror to see yourself clearly, in a non judgmental way, you will merely act out, the old and recycled; never reaching the threshold of the new architecture.

I am an architect; I see what others cannot yet envision. I create from thin air.
Most are builders; they build upon the foundation that architects and designers create.

There is a New Reality shift, that has collapsed the current paradigm; and you are now watching the last throes of Ego Death. As long as you fight with others; as long as you believe you are righteous; as long as you judge others, as long as you judge yourself...you are stuck!

As long as you allow yourself to be obsessed and manipulated by sex, religion, money, fame, physical appearance/image, power, materialsim, self gratification at the expense of others...you will not move into a higher resonance. You will remain in co-creation and vibration with your dark shadow aspects, until you choose to do the real work that it takes to heal your soul.

There are guides and helpers all around, reach out, but more importantly, reach IN!!!

shaman Wendi

"We are the Architects of a New Reality!"

A still from my experimental film: "This is not dying"

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