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Sovereignty is Sustainability



Guest Contributor:
Galactic Gridworker/Templar and Paranormal Researcher
Blogtalk's Galactic Earth Fusion host:
                      Missy Hill

We have finally reached a point on planet earth at the end of the ascension cycle where the planetary architecture will no longer allow for hitchhikers, parasitic entities, bullies, and those using technology to wipe humanities memories or dumb them down so they can be experimented on, mind controlled, or have parts of their multidimensional light body system manipulated or usurped. This will no longer fly in the new architectural design now that the Krystic or Christ Consciousness Living Field, which is a technology is anchored in the earth core.

For the past 5500, 10,000 and 26,000 years and beyond the earth has been over ridden with archonic demonic alien machinery which has been installed into the earth grid into sequential event horizons creating planetary miasma or disease patterns. This is also referred to as the 7th dimensional planetary brain or logos. Which was invaded in the future earth timeline of Gaia.

Now that the architecture and foundation is anchored in the core, grids and hubs there is plenty of support for the starseed and indigos to jump up the rung on the evolutionary cycle connecting to the soul and monadic bodies of future selves in future timelines. Now is the time to spiritually grow up for those who may have still been on the fence and claim a new level of sovereignty.

 I am seeing~ feeling this energetic shift and what I am calling this as I proclaim it throughout the day is,”Spirituality is Sustainability,” Sustainable means, able to be maintained at a certain rate or level, or able to be upheld or defended. This is energy field management. Sometimes to manage our field and declare our sovereignty means we have to disconnect from those people, places or things that are an energetic drain. At one time we called them an attack on our field. However, what we must realize through, “The Law of Attraction,” we drew these people, places and things into our field maybe even through synchronicity to learn, however once the lesson is learned we do not have to stay there. We can release the old and draw in something completely new. As we declare this form of sovereignty we are helping Gaia declare her sovereignty. What we do to our body we do to the earth and vice versa.

All beings are now sovereign in this new design. It does not matter whether, someone is in a male body, or female body, what race they are, religion, what country they live in, if they have a health condition., It does not matter their level of financial status or if they are a senior, a child, a baby or even an animal at this point in the game. The decision to be energetically sovereign happens on the soul plane. Then the 3D personality program of the ego comes into alignment with the soul and oversoul decision. This becomes effortless when fragments from shattered mirrors, alien implants and false deadlight architecture are removed. The support comes to the being to be taken care of by God~ the Loving Universe when this is declared in one’s beingness. This is called mastery of one’s domain and taking responsibility for all creations in all timelines and dimensions. This also means energies that are vampiric and parasitic,the spiritual panhandlers, the drama kings and queens, and people playing victim victimizer games will be removed from your field when you have learned the lesson, With these blockages removed you will thrive. You will physically feel better. Money and prosperity will start flowing your way. You will see how less effort is required and it is more about being the observer. You will find ways to save time and money as we still have stuff to do in this reality.  Internet services, electric bills, cell phone bills and many things are set up to drain your finances which is energy, as you may be paying for services not needed. You may need to upgrade everything to run more efficiently to have a streamlined reality. This is an example of running a tight ship and being aware of everything or paying attention to details. Also no more running to others to fix the problem, all relationships are a co~creation. We also cannot help those hold it down who cannot hold it down for themselves anymore. We can hold a hand as a brother or sister, but no more space holding or allowing others to use our energy field. This is another level of looking at enabling, remember that? One can ask themselves am I enabling when I listen to a person complain about their finances or any other problem that does not seem to go away. Run from those who keep repeating the same cycles over and over. They are stuck in a timeline like being stuck on a groove in a record where the same song will play over and over…. Their own GROUNDHOG DAY!!! It is time to stop talking about and focusing on what we don’t want both individually and collectively. This does not mean bury our head in the sand however, it is a delicate balancing act. When we affirm what we do want in our world and gather with those feeling the same thing we create more of that. This is nothing new. It is just round two, three, or four of the same law of attraction and a higher level of accountability. Walking the walk at higher levels of consciousness. Talking the talk does help clear the way if one takes action in the process.

Another important piece to this process, is noticing the bifurcation in the time fields, Bifurcation means the division of something into two branches or parts. There is no judgement in why some beings may be removed from our lives and other beings just appear as if they have been there, because this has to do with timelines. When one is in the past they are in the density, and one is in the future it is less dense. People will be living in group reality bubbles of their total collective resonance. All thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, on the soul level and monadic levels of consciousness are taken into account to provide a base frequency resonance of the individual. This is why some beings will be drawn to live in certain areas. The more organic, smaller community oriented towns with nature abounding , elemental and nature spirits the bifurcation will go to a higher future timeline and the result will be more peace, less crime, more economic stability. Big cities with deadlight structure will experience  economic instability, as well as social and political unrest. as this is the result of a descending timeline. Sometimes you may be called to one of these places that are descending for a short time, as a clean up, or eviction of souls, It could be to clear your own timelines or ancestral spirits. If you are called to these places and spaces  you will have total peace in the situation as this type of work is not coming from ego. Then you will be moved back to the appropriate timeline where your energetic sustainability resides. This will explain the question, are we not supposed to help people that are suffering. If one is called to a traumatic event  to assist, it would not be coming from their mental field or premeditated. This is how someone can lift a car up off of a person, with no prior weight lifting training. We have heard these types of stories and yet the person that performed this act came from total agape love and is not running trauma based mind control programs in their energy field. Luckily on planet we have those that want to work in the medical matrix, “consciousness bridgers,” and people that will volunteer in disaster situations. However, those people are probably not reading this article and if they are it is because they may be being moved to different coordinates in time and their job is not about feeding their personal ego will. Chop wood and carry water before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water after enlightenment.

Our lives should be getting easier. We should not have to have things be tough and suffer. We are not perfected through suffering. This is false programming that has been installed into the matrix. Our natural state is joy and when we are in the flow we will experience JOY. If we are not in the flow, having problems, everything is falling apart, banging our head against the wall, we are in resistance. Practice gratitude and more joy will start flowing in. Give back anonymously to be free from the ego’s devices. Receive the good news starseeds and indigos. We do not have to be in pain any longer as now is the time to heal the emotional painbody. Our body is becoming a Golden Krystaline Rainbow Body. This is the gospel of old or GOD~spell to cast upon yourself daily as armor with your own speech and self talk.

I originally started to receive this information during the Mercury Retrograde Cycle which personally I use as a 21 day challenge,  You may have heard about these 21 day challenges used a lot lately. It takes 21 days to change a habit or pattern. I challenge you to run a tighter ship in every area of your life. NO~know…. energy leaks which is energetic sustainability or true sovereignty. All those projects that did not get finished, the energy is there to finish them. Lighten the load both energetically and physically. It is a good time to increase the workouts, meditations, cleanses and hydration. If you fell off the wagon with your discipline during the transmissions in the beginning of May during this electrical peak cycle, or into June. Get back up! It will be ok to move forward or contemplate your direction. Some beings may be called on the road to travel or move. Everything is changing now, just do not resist, what you resist will persist. Be like the bamboo tree strong yet flowing. Balance your inner core masculine and feminine, to bring in your own zero point. Connect with your beloved planet and the sun which sustains its energy burning away your personal dross.
Then you~U will shine as bright as the sun too~2.

Missy Hill

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                  Lisa Renee

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