Sunday, March 6, 2016

Everything You Need to Know About Our Creation, Design Purpose & Evolution

Like most seekers of truth, we are just wired this way; our commitment to understanding creation and the multi-dimensions, drives our very existence. We devote our lives toward the disclosure of truth, willingly dropping down rabbit holes in search of clues to the gigantic coded puzzle. There are many twists and turns on this path, making it essential to cultivate the kind of discernment that borders on the cultivation of a 6th sense instinct that is an activation of our akashic memory bank.
Remaining open minded, neutral in polarity, and flexible/fluid in awareness is key.

Few really reach the point of comprehension, albeit, many think they do; you'll know you are ascending the path when you get to the point of recognizing you know nothing!

It is not easy to discuss, it is difficult to share; it is right before our eyes, yet we fail to really "see" because our minds get in our way. Let go of all you think you know; become a vessel, moving with where the tide takes you. So does the Universe; it synchronistically shares it's secret language, waiting for the apprentice to recognize the sign posts that navigates us through invisible terrain.

I am sharing with you, 2 of the most powerful tools of disclosure of "what this place is"; it is up to you to utilize the 2 hr. video and the book, which I also profiled on my Gaia Rising Now show, so you can listen to the reading of the book if that is easier. Point is, the sooner we all have full awareness in the "dream", the sooner we can be released from the mono-frame.

The information that Dr. Scott McQuate breaks down for you is the absolute truth! 
If you are ready for it, this is the kind of truth that sets one free.

(PLEASE invest the 2 hours; if you are true seekers, this should not be an issue)

Dr. Scott McQuate

This also is an incredible complement to the information Dr. McQuate shares. The Enlightenment is quite a mystery. Nothing written by this author before or after the could be found. Regardless, he is documenting the story of another person's experience, who then disappears after she has concluded the documentation with the writer.

What I can tell you is that all the circumstances surrounding the story are true.

Read the pdf here:

I did a reading of the parts that were prescient, on my Halloween show for...

Gaia Rising Now TV

Reading of "The Enlightenment" begins at: 16:33

Please feel free to ask questions, offer stories of your own; let's start a discussion xo

~shaman Wendi

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