Friday, August 30, 2013

Kharmic Duality~Happy Birthday Virgo!

I must confess I am stuck in duality! I fought to love myself but I hate that I aggravate people; I love my husband but hate his fear of his immense talent; I love my animal kids but hate that they don't appreciate how good they have it; I love my town but hate the ego domination, I love humanity but hate it's convenient ignorance and co-dependence...but the one thing that never waivers is my 
Mother Earth! She never disappoints me! Her beauty fills me up and holds my heart with the love only a mother has for their child.
Music too, is a secret garden where I dance to rhythms and harmonize my rhymes; where I paint the landscape of truth that cannot be denied. Pure expression cannot be bought or sold; it is elusive to hold; it is a gift of treasure; no ordinary measure.
I know the immense love I feel when I see integrity and I know my disgust simmers a nasty brew when faced with hypocrisy.
Perhaps Kali Ma channels through me, I don't know?
I embrace multi-dimensionalism, that concept is a no brainer, as I have functional access to that practice. Triple Helix D.N.A. upgrade!!! 
I've managed to make it through 5 decades without Theocratic hijacking to stay on topic.
This place is an experiment; systems, institutions and competitions....all corrupt in that they are soul stealer's!
Since 18, my dream was to buy as many acres in the forest that I could to start a progressive community without duality gridlock. I came close in that I bought 1/2 acre in a forest that was founded by a socialist group who helped rescue the trees from loggers only to be forced to surrender it to the system in order to save it but it's dying anyway. Unfortunately only half the town still reflects those core values of co-operation and conservator spirit; so once again, caught in duality's web.
But we press on:)
I want to know I made a difference, that my mission was not in vein?
All I have to offer is truth;
All I have to offer is hard won fearlessness;
All I have to offer is my voice and my words.
All I have to offer is my passion and inspiration, from the depths of my soul...
...which I still have because it was not sold!
{Stellium of Virgo in the 12th}
Commanding fearlessness
I seal the output of intelligence
With the overtone tone of radiance
I am guided by the power of flowering
I am a galactic activation portal 
(disclaimer: to break the duality gridlock we must embrace the dark & light elements of our anima to elevate our consciousness to spirit over matter. When we find our identity within these constraints, we create a balanced position of neutrality over the HuMan experience)  

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