Sunday, March 10, 2013

Pineal Gland, Why it's So Important

The Planet is our spaceship; it is our Bio-Sphere. The body is the temple that houses the system hardrive.
Our soul energy/software program is live streamed through the crown chakra, received by the pineal gland and projected outward like a holographic virtual reality.

    Fluoride and low level electomagnetic frequencies work to prevent the pineal from receiving the infomation intended to activate upgrades to our biochemistry which is stimulated by the solar rays.
Much as a plant experiences photosynthesis, we too need the sun's solar rays to enable our evolutionary process.

Chemtrails are used to prevent the solar rays from reaching the pineal; emf's work to disrupt the reception and fluoride build's up calcification on the "satellites lens" to distort the infomation if it should get through.

This is important info you NEED to know!

"We are the Architects of a New Reality!"

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