Monday, June 6, 2011

Guilt vs. Remorse

   I wanted to point out the clear distinction between guilt and remorse, as there is a BIG difference between the two. Guilt is something again, connected to the ego, that we feel when we don't really feel THAT bad about whatever it is that we did to bring on guilt's wrath!...and guilt is relentless! It eats away and eats what? Our ego. Is that person going to be mad? Will I get in trouble? Truth is, we wanted to do "it", are glad we did "it" and will probably do "it" again when needed. Fair enough but what if these things hurt another? I'm assuming that if it were yourself that you are hurting, you'd realize it and stop! But what if that pesky ego, was stopping you? Sometimes it's our ego who is running the show and not our spirit. When the ego gets in the way of accepting the responsibilty for things done that hurt, it talks us into the "labrynth of guilt". This being, a well constructed looping pattern that keeps the ego in charge and prevents real growth from taking place. Growth can only occur when we can remorsefully accept the responsibilty for our own choices, by truly feeling their weight and effect. This is when the "immature" ego grows...expanding into a mature soul. A mature soul is one who is unable to vibrate at a "lower frequency", one that is under ego's dominion. Instead we know the impact and we use our free will with the restraint of the mature soul and not the selfish, immature ego, to make choices that do not need to involve guilt but are those of self-responsibilty:)

We are the Architects of a New Reality!

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